10 Actresses who left the media industry after marriage

Let's Take A Look At The Top 10 Artists Who Left The Industry After Marriage

10 Actresses who left the media industry after marriage
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Many actresses have prioritized their personal and married lives over the glitz and glam of the Pakistani Drama Industry and we have listed some down!

  1. Ghazal Siddique

Who can forget the main lead of the popular 90’s drama Marvi? She gained popularity, praise and love for her character in that drama and many still know her by Marvi instead of her real name Ghazal Siddique.

10 Actresses who left the media industry after marriage

She left the industry after marriage and moved to Canada with her then young toddler to look over his nurturing and brought up. In the recent past, Ghazal Siddique has reunited with her fans through social media and is now actively posting about her life now many mediums including Youtube, Facebook and Instagram.

2. Dua Malik

Actress and Singer Dua Malik has been on the scene most of her youth, closely following the steps of her elder sister Humaima Malik and brother Feroz Khan. She tried her hand in singing and acting and also anchored the morning show “Sur Saath Savera” on Express Entertainment before she fell in love with actor Sohail Haider and got married in 2014.

Since then Dua’s on air appearances have been handful and she hasn’t taken up any project because she wants to be involved in her child’s life and unbringing as much as possible.


3. Neelma Hassan

The actress who got famous for her role in Paimana e Wafa in the 90’s, not only in Pakistan but also in China because the drama was also dubbed in Chinese had bid farewell to the industry after she got married and never made a come back.

Some other dramas she was popularly known in acting for are Nangay Paoun and Guraiz. Apart from that she also hosted an educational show on ARY in 2012 after which she got married and moved to Dubai. 

4. Mehreen Ilahi

The actress who earned her place in the Pakistani Drama industry with dramas like Ana and Afshaan and had the fortune to be casted in famous dramas written by Fatima Suriya Bajia, also left the industry after getting married and moving away. She now runs her own art and culture gallery by the name of Majmooa

5. Shehnaz Shiekh

This name needs no introduction, despite the fact that her list of works isn’t very long, the quality of her work is. Shehnaaz Shiekh was introduced by Haseena Moin and collected praise for her acting in hit dramas Balila, Tanhaiyaan and Ankahi. She also made a couple of appearances in the “Uncle Sargam show” in the late 90’s after which she moved to directing and teaching theatre.

6. Ayesha Malik /Khan

Formerly known as Ayesha Khan, this actress has recently taken leave from the showbiz industry. Some of her famous dramas include Mann Mayal , Mehndi, Man O Salwa, Parsa, Bari Appa, Khuda mera bhi, Mehram, Shart etc. Aisha had seen an all time high in the career but once she got married in 2018, she left the industry to focus on married life.

7. Sara Chaudry

The Dil Diya Delheez star Sara Chaudry acted in many hit dramas and had a thriving modeling career. Some of her better known dramas include Tere Jaane ke baad, Tere pehloo mein, Lo mankey chali mein, Din dhalay and Uraan. Sara also completely left the industry after she got married and is hardly ever seen in public showbiz appearances after that.