2 Easy and Trendy Eye Makeup Tutorials For the Beginners

Follow these simple step by step tutorials and slay!

2 Easy and Trendy Eye Makeup Tutorials For the Beginners
2 Easy and Trendy Eye Makeup Tutorials For the Beginners

Eye makeup is considered as an integral part in women’s grooming. Naturally, as women have different eye color variations which can become more attractive by using eye makeup. It can make your eyes look bigger and catchy.

Well, if you are not a beauty pro then you should not worry because we have some best eye makeup tutorials lined up for you.

For your next night out, we have got the perfect eye makeup looks for you! Let’s check it out.

1. Soft Gold Brown look

Blending has always been an important step while giving the pro look. In this form of makeup, use brown and gold eye shadow with a generous amount of blending.

You will need

Brown and Gold eye shadow

Thin and flat brush

Blending eye shadow brush


Steps to apply

  1. Apply an eye makeup primer first over clean washed eyes.
  2. Apply brown shadow on the inner and outer corner of your eye with a thin brush.
  3. Deposit gold shadow for the centre with a flat brush.
  4. Enhance your lower lash line with the thin brush by applying brown and gold.
  5. Blend the eye shadows properly with the blending brush.
  6. To give the final perfect look, swipe some mascara!

To pop out light colored eyes, this can be a hit! But this looks suit most eye colors.

2. Soft and Subtle Smokey Eyes

Well, this sultry and smoking hot eye makeup looks perfect for a night-out. Also, this can be easily done by following these simple steps. Matching up with nude lips will make you look gorgeous.

You will need

Flat Eye shadow brush

Three eye shadow colors; nude, black and brown

Black eye liner



Steps to apply

  1. The first basic step to apply an eye makeup is to use the primer which will let the eye shadow to stay longer. The nude shade will be applied after that.
  2. Use a black eye color pencil to line your upper and lower waterline.
  3. Elongating the outer corners of your eyes, apply brown color eye shadow with a flat brush.
  4. Use a black eye shadow to cover the outer corner of your eye.
  5. Remember, blending is the key for a perfect Pro look.
  6. Apply mascara to give the finish look.

So, try these simple and easy makeup tutorial and give yourself a pro-look and get ready to slay!