20 minutes With Ali Hamza

On His Virtual Gigs And New Acting Projects

20 minutes With Ali Hamza
Ali Hamza

Ali Hamza from the famed band Noori has bewitched fans for years with melodic songs that instil nostalgia in the heart of every 90’s kid. The richness of tradition and culture in Noori’s folk music kept it abreast of all trending bands in the 90’s to 2000s. Many fans do not know that this distinct folk-style music which has become Noori’s identity is the doing of Ali Hamza, who is the quintessential desi musician. By creating songs like Aik Alif, Para Channa and more with Coke Studio, Hamza also went on to produce the music platform’s most contemporary Season 11, with a lineup that was very much star-studded.

Ali Hamza

The rockstar is recognised for his out-of-the-world song-writing and singing skills. Lately, Ali Hamza has been seen experimenting with another interesting trajectory - he has signed up for a few acting projects and has also been doing virtual gigs. Here is what he told HNH about it…

Did You Try Your Hand At Acting Before This?

The last time I acted was 20 years ago in college! I did quite a bit of it and at one point was actually very serious about pursuing it professionally, haha. So yes you can say it has been a long time since I last acted. But it was nice to explore something which I had not done in a very long time.

Tell Us About Your Role In The Upcoming Season Of Merey Dost Merey Yaar?

I was roped in for a role in the upcoming season of Merey Dost Merey Yaar, the television series by Mehreen Jabbar. It is a commercial project. It has an amazing cast of some leading young faces of the industry, including Asim Azhar, Hania Amir, Asad Siddique, Hamza Tariq and Osama. With Mehreen Jabbar onboard for my first project, I felt really spoilt because I was acting after the longest time. It was a great experience working with Mehreen and her amazing production team. The efficiency and expertise with which they were working was altogether a great experience.

I play the role of a professor in a college who helps the young students in realising their musical dreams and guides them when they are in that struggling phase of their lives. It is a limited but an important role that stirs major changes in the plot of the series.

Tell Us About Your Virtual Gig? How Was Your Experience Doing It?

I credit these gigs to my amazing wife Nafisa Khalid, who came up with this whole idea and concept. We began doing it when the lockdown began since it had taken a psychological pressure on all of us, being locked indoors all day with nothing to do. All the musicians who were onboard for this too had a great time. And again, it was something new to explore!  I also got to learn how to play new songs that I had not thought about. The virtual gig made a very good creative space and they were a trigger for me to get my creative juices learning.

Livestream Or Live Concert?

Live concert! Any day.

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