26 Years Of Friends: Looking Back At The Famous Sitcom Pilot

FRIENDS Began Its Wonderful Journey 26 Years Ago

26 Years Of Friends: Looking Back At The Famous Sitcom Pilot

Whenever anyone talks about the best television shows of all time, FRIENDS is definitely up there on everyone's lips. The show transcends time and is what you call, evergreen. 

The FRIENDS phenomena began in 1994 and after 10 highly successful seasons, countless memorable comedy, emotional and fun-filled moments, ended its run in 2004. During this time, NBC sitcom enjoyed an unprecedented level of success. It received countless accolades in the award shows and smashed all kinds of viewership records.

To this day, FRIENDS is adored and watched by adults and teenagers alike. It is one of the top trending shows on Netflix on a regular basis.

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26 years after the pilot episode of FRIENDS aired, we take a look at what made the episode so successful and where this phenomenon all began.

September 22 marks the 26th anniversary since the very first FRIENDS episode 'The Pilot' or also known as 'The One Where Monica Gets a Roommate' hit our screens. People fell in love with the sitcom straight away.

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The sitcom was a different kind of show because it was about making a new family, with friends. It is about six goofy friends and their adventures, sipping coffee and talking in a coffee house called Central Perk and being there for each other through thick and thin. Falling in love with each other through the process and even getting married!

The pilot episode managed to bring forth a competent and clear look of the series that would last 10 years and that would be a major phenomenon in the history of world television. 

It all started with Chandler, Monica, Joey, Ross, and Phoebe sitting in a coffee house and talking when Ross talks about his failed marriage and says that he wants to just get married again. On that very instance, Rachel, in a wedding gown, steps inside the coffee house, looking for Monica.

26 Years Of Friends: Looking Back At The Famous Sitcom Pilot

It is revealed Rachel has run out on her wedding and she finds a new home under Monica's roof and the two become roommates.

Rachel tries to come to terms with her new life and as her new friends encourage her to cut all her credit cards and to stop living off her father's money, Monica says these famous words:

Friends' pilot episode not only established the main settings, characters, their personalities, and theme of the series, but it also connected with the audience because of how relatable people find it. It perfectly encapsulated 10 years of fun-filled moments. 

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