3 Basic Office Dress Codes To Look Professional

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3 Basic Office Dress Codes To Look Professional
3 Basic Office Dress Codes To Look Professional

Thinking what to wear can leave every single person to scratch his head. And thinking what to wear for a job interview can give you goose bumps. But what if you are an internee and goes for an internship? Also, a networking event where you have to leave a perfect impression, what to wear then?

Each company and event is different, what you wore at a job interview cannot be worn on an internship program. So, this might be nerve-racking what to wear and what not to wear. All in all, you just want to leave a very good impression and the clothes are the only way to tell what you are!

Weather is also an important factor while dressing professionally. To cut the story short, a lot of thinking has to be done which makes the people frustrated.

Well, here we are presenting 3 different types of office work attires which you can easily take off with.

  1. Professional dressing

The most conservative type of office attire is this professional dressing.  Women are expected to be suited in a professional way with an appropriate suit and jacket.

  1. Casual Business Dress Code

Well, this is a bit relaxed version of Professional dressing, but we did not mean to say that you can dress up casually. It is semi-conservative type of professional dressing which can be followed for a job interview or internship.

A shirt with a collar along with khakis or dress pants can be worn by women.

  1. Campus casual clothing

Well, the caption itself explains everything with the term ‘casual.’ The day-to-day clothing includes jeans, tee shirts, sneakers and sandals. This dress code can be followed in very-informal campus interviews and career days. Also, on some casual networking or communicating events you can stick onto this dress code.