3 Dramas Ruling The Screens This Ramadan

Tana Bana, Ishq Jalebi, and chupke chupke are all over the internet; the juicy drama gossip will help you decide which one to watch.

3 Dramas Ruling The Screens This Ramadan
Dramas Ruling The Screen This Ramadan

Covid is in full swing right now, and another ten-day lockdown has started; hence we have to sit back at our homes and enjoy the spirituality of Ramadan. Due to the lockdown, unlike the usual days, we are getting more time, and it's always great to have that after iftar tea with your family and evaluate our day. To lighten up the mood, Pakistani channels every year bring some special shows for us that we can specifically enjoy with the family

Which Drama Is According To Your Taste Amongst The Three?

We know the trailers and social media hype urge you to watch one of these dramas, and you would be going back and forth to select your show to binge watch from these. But we'll give the right hints about these shows that you'll instantly switch on them. 

 Which Drama Is According To Your Taste Amongst The Three

Taana Bana :

If you were an Ehd e Wafa fan, then it's a piece of good news that Hum TV's Saifee Hassan and Momina Duraid made this prime time blockbuster. It is a star-studded drama where Alizeh Shah, Daniyal Zafar ( yes, he is Ali Zafar's brother), Komal Rizvi, Hassan Noman and many other famous names appeared. The story is a dreamy rom-com between Alizeh shah and Daniyal Zafar. We need to mention that social media is pitching them as Eugene and Rapunzel, and we see a resemblance. The plot gives a hint of a love story where the girl meets the guy, but it's full of twists, the girl is not interested, and the hero of this show does whatever it takes to win the heart. Sounds romantic! 

Taana Bana

Chupke Chupke :

Chupke chupke is another star-studded show with some new faces. It's a storyteller of a whole family; you can sip that big pot of chai with the entire family for this one. Ayeza khan could be seen in a wholly different and bubbly character than her usual appearances in dramas like Mere Pass Tum ho. Osman Khalid butt plays the role of a boy who fell for a diametrically opposite girl. Enjoy the family shenanigans with chunks of laughter with this one. 

Chupke Chupke

Ishq Jalebi :

This one is featuring Wahaj and Madiha in a sentimental love story. If you are an emotional binge-watcher, you will love Ishq Jalebi. If you can relate to it or not, a few teary eyes and some excitement of how the lovers reunite will keep you hooked. 

 Ishq Jalebi

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