3 Exercises That Will Help You Loose Belly Fat

Losing belly fat is perhaps the hardest but these three exercises will help kick-start your journey.

3 Exercises That Will Help You Loose Belly Fat
3 Exercises That Will Help You Loose Belly Fat

When it comes to exercising at home or joining a gym class, the goal for many of us is losing belly fat. We eat our favorite fattening foods and desserts, only to realize that it shows in our bellies just few weeks in.

And then starts our journey to lose all that fat. But we soon realize that one of the hardest things to do when it comes to shredding weight, is losing belly fat.

Apart from making sure that we eat the right things that help us in this journey, it is also important to opt for the right exercises that help lose the fat quicker.

Here are three exercise you can incorporate in your workout routine to lose belly fat:

Reverse Crunch

The reverse crunch is a core exercise that helps lose belly fat as it targets the muscles of the lower abdomen. Start with doing 10 and then gradually increase the count and sets as your body warms up to the exercise.

How to do: Lie flat on your back on the yoga mat with both of your hands beneath the hips. Bend your knees and lift them towards your head. As you bring them closer to your head, draw them slightly upwards and repeat.

Russian Twist

Another tried and tested exercise is the Russian Twist. This exercise targets the abdominal muscle and improves oblique strength and definition.

How to do: Sit up tall with your knees bent. Lift your feet off the ground and hold your hands together near your chest. Lean backwards and move your torso side-to-side.  

Mountain Climbers

We kept the most high intensity one towards the end, but it definitely does the trick.

How to do: Get into a high plank position and keep your core tight. Bring your right knee towards the chest and then take it back to the plank position and then repeat the same with your left knee.