3 Healthy Foods To Include In Your Iftar Table This Ramazan

Say no to fried items and say yes to healthy eating.

3 Healthy Foods To Include In Your Iftar Table This Ramazan

The best thing about Ramazan, apart from the blessings of the holy month, are iftar tables filled with delicious and mouth-watering food items.  

Be it aloo ke samosay or crispy pakoras, we have it all in abundance waiting for us to be devoured as soon as we break our fast. However, these delicious food items come with a price.

No, we are not just talking about the weight gain during Ramazan. Consuming fatty food fried in oil increases our blood cholesterol levels and may cause cardiovascular diseases. On the other hand, eating fried items for 30-days can also cause indigestion and heat burn.

The best option is to do away with such food items and eat healthy instead.

We know it is hard to do away with our palak ke pakoray and chicken-cheese filled spring rolls, but we have got three healthy options that taste as good.

Grilled Chicken For Iftar

Let’s face it we all love a succulent piece of grilled chicken served to us with sautéed vegetables. And with no eateries open to have iftar in, owing to the lockdown in effect, we can make our own version of Nando’s grilled chicken.

Consuming the chicken right after breaking our fast will keep us energized throughout the day as it provides a good portion of protein.

Soup It Up

The most popular soup recipe during Ramazan is the Lebanese crushed lentil soup. It’s healthy and hearty, and easy to make.

All you have to do is throw in the following ingredients: red lentils (masoor daal), short-grain rice, onions, carrots and cumin. Top it with freshly squeezed lemon juice and you are good to go.

Protein-rich Salads

We know, we know that no one wants to have a bowl of salad right after breaking their fast but hear us out! Make your salad bowls exciting by throwing in some flavoursome protein in it, such as, baked seekh kebabs.

Yes, you read that right.

Top your freshly made salad with some baked seekh kebabs and a dressing of your choice. We recommend the good old raita.