3 Muscle Building Essential Nutrients

Continue your training along with these nutrients!

3 Muscle Building Essential Nutrients
Muscle building nutrients!

Muscle building does not only depend upon hitting the gym every day. Proper intake of all the nutritional components is also a key factor for the entire process.

Here we have listed 3 essential nutrients that one may require to build muscles.

1. Minerals

Minerals include a group of nutrients required to balance many functions of the human body. They are divided into two categories –primary and trace ones. Both categories are important in muscle growth and aid in optimal health.


As we all know that calcium is essential for your bones’ strength but apart from it, other nutrients include phosphorus, potassium, sodium and magnesium. These minerals promote water balance; maintain healthy skin, hair and nails.


To get enough minerals, you have to increase the intake of green leafy vegetables, poultry, sea food, fruits and red lean meat. Cereals, legumes and beans will also lend a helping hand.


Vitamin D

You must have heard about sitting under the sunlight to absorb vitamin D from the sun. Sun is the biggest supplier of Vitamin D which helps in muscle development as well as important in immune functioning, bone development and reduces inflammation.

vitamin D

2. Proteins

The key to building muscles is protein. After completing the training, your muscles start to grow in that recovery time. Proteins help at that point in muscle building and development.

The nutrient also helps in building hair and bones. Regular intake of eggs, steak, chicken, fish, cheese, yogurt and oats are good protein sources.


3. Fats

Earlier, fats were considered as an unhealthy option for human health. But, good fats may have numerous health benefits. The basic thing which is required is to categorize healthy and unhealthy fats. Picking up unsaturated (mono and poly) fats is healthy where as trans and saturated fats which are present in artificial and processed foods are unhealthy.

unsaturated fats

You can get unsaturated fats from nuts and fatty fish. Olive and other vegetable oils do contain unsaturated fats.

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