3 New Age of Supermodels To Look Out For

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3 New Age of Supermodels To Look Out For
Mushk Kaleem, Eman Suleman, Roshanay Afridi

New Age of Supermodels To Look Out For The Pakistani fashion industry has produced some influential faces and powerful names that have forever left their mark on the country’s fashion landscape. With changing times and trends, young talent took over as showstoppers and hot-steppers, while the rest became what we call ‘veterans’. And this is how things work here in the tinsel town of fashion, beauty, and glamour. Team HNH, zeroes in on the local fashion scene, zooming in on 'who’s the new haute and about'. Here are three female models we found worth mentioning, have a look.

Mushk Kaleem

In the words of Mushk herself, she was ‘discovered’ by stylist Tabesha Khoja from Nabila’s Salon, who advised her to consider modeling for a career. And what brilliant advice it was, we must say. The size-zero petite and dusky beauty swept the fashion fraternity by her candidness, effortless finesse, and high-cheekbones. From volunteering at Fashion Pakistan Week in Karachi, representing a fizzy drink brand Mushk’s flight to success in modeling led to the international runway at Milan, where she represented the traditional craft of Chitrali women with designer Stella Jean’s collection. She also bagged her first LUX Award for the best model last year and has been part of many brands, including the most luxe Elan. And once you’re an Elan girl, there are a lot of expectations tied to you by default.


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Eman Suleman

A ‘breath of fresh air’ in the fashion scene, that is what the industry needed for so long. It was on the lookout for someone who is bold, unpretentious, and unafraid of social stigmas associated with models. Someone who has no qualms whatsoever about the rat race in this industry… And then we found Eman Suleman and that space was fulfilled. It takes balls to pull out from your first award nomination, the way Suleman did from the LSA’s because of an alleged harasser being nominated for the same show - this speaks volumes about her ride-or-die attitude. Eman is a natural in front of a lens and someone who can carry a buzz cut as gracefully as a long mane. Long associated as the face of the brand Zara Shahjahan, Eman has been the leading girl for remarkable campaigns with Generations, BTW, Shehla Chatoor, Sanam Chaudhary, and many more. We have our eyes on the pixie-cut goddess and what next she brings out!


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Roshanay Afridi

When your first ever shoot with a Pakistani brand is the high-street brand, Sana Safinaz, you certainly catch the fashion fraternity’s judging eye. Afridi wasn't totally new to modeling, she worked as a model for several international brands like H&M, Zara, and Adidas when she lived in the US earlier. But coming back to Karachi, she caught the eye of stylist Tabesh Khoja - the man who is credited with launching many new models to the scene. From there, it was no looking back. Roshanay has been the face of leading designer campaigns across the country, having worked with brands like Misha Lakhani, Ali Xeeshan, Sana Safinaz, Generations, BTW, and many more. What audiences love about Afridi is her untrying attitude, at ease, and cheery personality. And of course those bold, bushy brows, damn!. 


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