3 Popular Fad Diets That You Should Not Be Following

We find ourselves following trends blindly, but are they even worth it?

3 Popular Fad Diets That You Should Not Be Following

The fitness industry has gravely benefitted from people’s desire to lose weight owing to the surmounting pressure the society and mainstream media puts on them. This why we find one diet regimen after the other being the trending topic of the month or in some cases years.

These diets also known as fad diets are quite popular, as they are even followed by some of our celebrities. However, not all of these diets are beneficial to our body or our routines.

After all, one size does not fit all!

Fad diets often become popular because they promise weight loss in just few days, from three to seven days sometimes. But nor are these recommended by any nutritionists neither are their per day diet plans consulted or approved by dieticians, which is why they come with accompanying health risks if tried.

Here are four popular fad diets that you should NOT be trying:


The Alkaline Diet

What it is: The meal plan recommends cutting out meat, dairy products, sweets and caffeine completely from your diet and only sticking to fresh veggies and fruits, and some nuts and seed.

What it says: By cutting out the above mentioned products, the diet suggests that the body’s pH level shall be levelled to help lose weight.

Why it is bad: There is no research that proves that the body’s pH levels affects anyone’s weight. As a result, cutting out certain foods, which are in fact important for you, from your diet would not affect pH levels at all because the body is efficient in keeping pH levels where they need to be.


The GM Diet

What it is: A seven day meal plan, which strictly restricts dairy products. Each day based on an intake of specific food items, such as, fruits, raw vegetables, juice and lean meat.

What it says: Promises at least 5kg weight loss in seven days.  

Why it is bad: Restricting you to eat only certain food items, the diet can make you weak and hungry that may lead to severe body pain or depression.


The Cabbage Soup Diet

What it is: A seven day diet plan with a focus on having only cabbage soup every day. It recommends having soups bowls throughout the day with some fruits and vegetables on the side.

What it says: By cutting meat and other food items from your diet, this low-calorie diet focuses on instant weight loss.

Why it is bad: It is a well-known fact that too much cabbage can lead to gastric problems. This diet makes you feel gassy and bloated, while also make you feel weak due to a lack of intake of important fibers and proteins for the body.


No diet is worth putting your body at risk for. Always consult your doctor before following a diet.