3 Quick And Easy Hair Styling Tips For Short Hair

Summer season calls for short hair and these styling tips will help you bring your A game forward.

3 Quick And Easy Hair Styling Tips For Short Hair
3 Quick And Easy Hair Styling Tips For Short Hair

The hot and humid summer is here and most of us resort to cutting our hair short in the season. In fact, a lot of people have already cut their hair short quarantined at home.

Celebrities like Alia Bhatt and Kriti Sanon are sporting the long-bob amid lockdown despite the hair saloons being shut. While Sanon’s sister gave her the new look, according to sources, actor Ranbir Kapoor turned hairdresser for partner Alia Bhatt.

Both the actresses look gorgeous and there is no denying the fact that short hair is the summer go-to hair style. The length provides much room for air to be felt on our necks and make us feel light headed.

However, the only problem with the hairdo that most of us experience is that there are very little options when it comes to styling them. We usually chose to straighten them out and let them loose.

But there are a few quick and easy styling tips you can practice and look stylish. You no longer have to wear your short hair the same way!

Make Hair Accessories Your Best Friend

One of the ways to look trendy in short hair is to accessories them with statement hair clips. This won’t only allow you to hold them together in one place, but will also turn heads as you walk.

Wear The Messy Bun With Confidence

Stop worrying about your tresses falling out of the bun and instead wear the messy look with confidence. Make the half-up bun and hair spray the loose ends to get the frizzy messy look.

Pull Them All Back

Straighten your hair and then brush them backwards. Use hairspray to set them and sport the sleek pulled-back look.