3 Side Effects Of Stress That Your Body Wants You To Know

Stress often leads to physical and mental symptoms that we end up ignoring but it’s time to pay attention to what our body is saying when stressed.

3 Side Effects Of Stress That Your Body Wants You To Know
3 Side Effects Of Stress That Your Body Wants You To Know

We are all living in a difficult time where the world is faced by a global pandemic. There is so much uncertainty followed by job losses, closure of outdoor activities and the need for social distancing keeping us away from our loved ones.

It is thus understandable to feel stressed or anxious. However, sometimes when our mind and body is really stressed, the anxiety manifests into physical or mental symptoms that we are often unaware of.

Identifying these symptoms will help us listen to our body and manage our stresses in a better way. Here are three side effects of stress that we should know about:

1. Gut Problems –

We are aware of overeating when stressed but another of its side effects are gut problems that we often ignore and credit them to eating something bad the previous night.

Often dubbed as the ‘nervous stomach’, chronic stress induced gut problems include but are not limited to diarrhea, stomachaches or constipation.

2. Forgetfulness –

Have you ever been in a situation where you end up telling yourself that you have a goldfish memory? Well, turns out that forgetfulness is surprising side effect of stress.

A stressed mind often makes one feel foggy or have trouble concentrating. When you feel distracted during work, it is time to take a break and calm yourself before resuming work.

3. Skin Issues –

Stress causes our body to makes hormones that active the glands in our skin to produce oil which then leads to multiple skin-related issues, such as, rash, skin hives or even acne.

The only way to steer clear from stress-induced side effects is to deal with our stressors and adapt mindfulness activities to help calm our mind and body.