3 Simple And Easy Homemade Masks You Can Get From Kitchen

There’s a mask for every hair type

3 Simple And Easy Homemade Masks You Can Get From Kitchen
Treat your hair with these simple homemade masks

The best conditioning and strengthening does not always come from the beauty supply store, it can be created right from your kitchen Yes, from your kitchen! You all must have tried the conventional egg and yogurt mask to make your hair healthier and smoother. But do you know each hair type has different requirements? From dry to damage and damage to breakage, here we have for you homemade masks to treat all your hair woes. And yes- you can consider yourself a Kitchen Beautician!

These hair masks include all those ingredients which you can easily find in your kitchen. From fruits, vegetables, essential oils, protein-rich ingredients that are packed with vitamins and minerals to nourish your beauty inside and out! The good thing about homemade hair masks is that you can make amendments to it according to your specific hair problem. Tired of brittleness, breakage-prone hair? Why not consider Olive and Coconut oil? Are you bored with your dull, lackluster hair? Then mayonnaise can be your buddy!

Treat yourself with these three of the best beginner-friendly hair masks for every hair woe.

Hair mask for Dry and frizzy hair:

hair mask for frizzy hair

Things to fetch from your kitchen: Olive oil, bananas and honey

Brown-speckled bananas are mostly thrown away as no one likes to eat them later. But you have spent your hard-earned money so let’s utilize it somewhere. For your knowledge, bananas are rich in potassium which can improve manageability by making the hair shaft soft and shinier. So take a blender, add 2 bananas with 4 tablespoons of olive oil and 2 tablespoons of honey. Blend well until no chunks are visible. Olive oil will moisturize your hair and honey conditions and add shine.

banana olive oil and honey

Hair mask for color-treated hair:

hair mask for color treated hair

Things to fetch from your kitchen: argan oil, coconut oil, and a little amount of hair dye (if you want)

You must be wondering why we have asked to use a dollop of toning conditioner to these hydrating agents. The conditioner will revive the color of your hair and at the same time giving your hair a massive amount of shine. 

argan oil coconut oil

Hair mask for preventing heat damage:

hair mask for damaged hair

Things to fetch from your kitchen: Apple cider vinegar and bentonite clay (commonly known as multani matti)

It can be a great face mask but at the same time can work as hair mask too! The clay can act as a detoxifying agent and a cleanser whereas ACV restores hair natural pH. After knowing the properties of both ingredients, let's now form a mixture of clay and the apple cider vinegar and apply generously throughout the hair. Do make sure that hair shaft is completely covered. 

bentonite clay with apple cider vinegar