3 Simple Nail Art Designs To Inspire Your Summer Manicure

3 Simple and Super Easy Steps Of Nail Art For Beginners

3 Simple Nail Art Designs To Inspire Your Summer Manicure
3 Simple Nail Art Designs To Inspire Your Summer Manicure

Believe you me, everyone makes more of an effort with their nails in the summer. Whether it’s a clean, minimal look or a flash of neon, there’s a nail art design for everyone. A quick scroll through Instagram offers plenty of nail inspiration, with manicurists’ feeds flooded with incredible nail designs. Given that most of us currently have more time on our hands than usual, really there has never been a better time than this summer to explore your inner nail art desires.

Colorful patterns and unique designs, it’s so fun getting a manicure that suits the season or your own personality; making it one that’s a bit outside-the-box in tradition and not just a new color.

Have you ever thought about trying your hand at nail art? Creating your own look and getting creative? Well, now you can! Take a peek at these 5 simple nail art tutorials that are perfect for beginners and dip your toes (or hands) into it. 

Discover some of the best summer nail art for beginners to inspire your next manicure, before nail studios reopen in July.

1. Watermelon nails

Watermelon nail art might look intricate but anyone can create this look by following these simple steps with nail tools. This design will suit each nail shape. 

Step#1  Use pink as the base color and let it dry.

Step#2 Grab a nail art brush to apply green color around the border of your nail and remember to leave the tip.

Step#3 Separate the two colors using a fine liner polish or white polish.

Step#4 To create the perfect watermelon look, just dip the corner of the nail art brush in to a black acrylic paint and create it.

Step#5 The Final step is to apply the top coat and clean the edges with acetone.

2. Glitter lines

This trick is surely super easy; apply base nail color on your nails. Use glitter nail striping tapes to create any design.

3. Glitter colorbox

Another glitter one simple technique to create colorblocked nails.

Step#1 Paint your nails with a silver glitter nail color.

Step#2 Now use small pieces of adhesive tape for covering the cuticle half of each nail.

Step#3 Continue with applying the purple nail polish. Second coat is optional if you wish to have a thick coat.

Step#4 Remove the adhesive tape, then use a mirror silver polish for covering the line where silver and purple polish meet.

Your nails are ready to shine and so as you!