3 Things to Consider If You Go Back to Gyms Post-Lockdown

Gyms are considered one of the most high-risk locations for the spread of COVID-19, here is what you should consider if you are planning to go back.

3 Things to Consider If You Go Back to Gyms Post-Lockdown

Owing to the coronavirus outbreak, many countries had shut down all public places and businesses, especially those that hosted gatherings of more than 10 people at least. These included shopping malls, parlors, gyms and fitness centers.

However, with the countries gradually easing the lockdown that was imposed, most businesses have been allowed to resume. Pakistan too eased the lockdown right before Eid-ul-Fitr and allowed malls, and parlors to operate under the conditions of following the set guidelines and SOPs.

Gyms and fitness centers, which are considered to be high-risk locations for the spread of the virus, are also being allowed to resume business. Of course, given that they follow the SOPs governments’ set for them.

However, this does make us concerned because as much as we would like to go back to our gyms, we are worried about our safety too.

While we do not know yet what the government safety guidelines for fitness centers would be, here are a few things we could consider to protect ourselves in case we do plan to go back to the gym.

Opt for off-hour sessions – This means that even though there is a likelihood that gyms would only allow fewer people post-lockdown, you yourself should opt to go at a time you know less people would show up.

Wear a mask – We know it’s going to be quite uncomfortable to workout with a mask on but it’s the best option you have at this time.

Clean before use – If you are using equipment at the gym then clean the surface before and after using it. Moreover, it’s best to complete avoid fitness classes all together as they are held in smaller spaces, making it difficult for people to stand six feet apart. Stick to gym workout for now.