3 Trendy Summer Hair Colors To Try Post Lock Down

You Can Plan now and pin for later

3 Trendy Summer Hair Colors To Try Post Lock Down
3 Trendy Summer Hair Colors To Try Post Lock Down

The spot-on meme which jibes at you every time when you surf on internet, no vacations at a dreamy destination, no birthday party at a friend’s place, no shopping in an air-conditioned mall and no trendy hair color amid lock down.  

For the time being, we just have to restrict ourselves at home and maintain social distancing. Keeping this in mind, avoid visiting salons for the touch-ups! But what if we cannot visit the salons, we can still look out and plan for the future. And believe me; it is worth planning for your next hair-color trial.

Talking about the coolest color trends in summers and their origin so you can take a hint from where they are coming. Just have a look at yourself in the mirror!

The Pastel-washed hues, grown-out roots (but in that pretty, professionally intended way), and hair color that's as easy as hell to maintain. Because aren't you all just a bunch of pros by now?

The NYC-based colorist at IGK Salon, Stephanie Brown says, “This summer, hair color is all going to be about the grow out, whether someone goes very natural or a little more extreme — people aren't going to want to touch up their roots as often.” 

"After lockdown, and not being able to see your stylist for a few months, people want to be able to have their color last longer and require less maintenance, so they don't have to come into the salon as much in case this happens again. There are going to be a lot more conversations between colorists and clients about what will look beat and what will grow out best on each individual," Stephanie added in her conversation.

Here are the color trends to pin for later use.

Shadow Roots; Summer trend 2020

Shadow roots as you can distinguish from the word which means the natural growth of your hair. It blends naturally with the lighter shaded hair and makes it look beautiful.

Stephanie shared, “Shadow roots work on any highlighted look — brunette, red, blond, or even platinum without highlights — but make sure your stylist tones your roots after they have been highlighted close to your natural color for an easier grow out. That makes everything blend together."

Natural effect look

Well, for this you don’t have to spend too much! Just ask your stylist to do a little root touch-up from an inch and that’s it.

Dark Honey Blonde

Blending is the key step in this hair trend. As Stephanie explains, “This a soft, natural-looking golden-blond color. The highlights are more blended to make the color look less highlighted and more like it's lightened all over. It's a creamy honey color that's wearable for many skin tones."