3 Ways To Style Your Khussas This Eid-ul-Fitr

Let’s bring back our traditional khussas and style them in these three different ways for a chic look.

3 Ways To Style Your Khussas This Eid-ul-Fitr
3 Ways To Style Your Khussas This Eid-ul-Fitr

With new trends and styles coming in every year, we often let go of our traditional styles even if we had previously loved adorning them.

We anxiously wait to see what is trending each year, to follow it and stay in vogue. However, being stylish does not mean we have to forgo things we loved wearing before. Such as our love for khussas.

Khussas – our very own traditional footwear – are comfortable and stylish. They have been worn through generations and are a style staple for many. But owing to new trends, many of us have kept our pairs tucked away at back of our wardrobes. 

Let’s bring back our love for khussas this Eidul Fitr by adoring them in ways that amp up our looks After all, why bother wearing heels and hurting our ankles when khussas make a style statement of their own.

Here are three ways you can style your khussas this year:

Dress Up With Khussas

Just like Mawra Hocane wear khussas on your long dress-style kurtas or pishwas. Opt for a shimmery pair to lift up the look.

Jeans + Khussas

If you are opting for a statement kurta paired with your favorite pair of jeans this Eidul Fitr then khussas should be your go-to footwear just like Sadaf Kanwal.

Minimalism With Khussas

Add a pop of color to your subtle style statement with a vibrant pair of khussas just like Saba Qamar. The actor looks classy with pastel-colored three piece suit paired with yellow khussas.   

Khussas make any outfit look glam! Let us know in the comments below how you paired your khussas this Eid.