4 Best Need-To- Know Makeup Highlighters

Highlighters vary from powder to wet and dewy to pearlescent

4 Best Need-To- Know Makeup Highlighters
4 Best Need-To- Know Makeup Highlighters

Highlighters, a cheekbone’s dearest friend are available in innumerable forms, from dewy to pearlescent. Finding the best highlighter can take your skin from zero to luminous within few seconds.

You can judge how multi-purpose these highlighters can be- applied to bridge the nose, cheekbones, beneath the brow bone or at the inner corners of the eyes. In short, it is a subtle way to add natural radiance and dimension. It can even elevate a tired complexion and imparting all- important glow.

To find a perfect highlighter for yourself can be tricky- some are pearlescent and too glittery while others appear too sticky on your skin and wet.  

Most preferable is dewy “lit-from-within” highlighter which can blend well into skin, can give long-lasting effects and feels as light as feather.

It totally depends on you whether you want the glow from stick, powder, cream of fluid formations. And, if you really want to pop your highlighter, gush your face with setting spray and then apply powder highlighter before it gets dry. Surely, you will get a candlelit effect that won’t shift.

Balmy Highlight Stick

Those who complain about the unnatural look will love this balmy highlighter stick. Being fully vegan, this stick imparts a healthy iridescent finish much likely the dewy effect which you get post facial.

Liquefied Light Highlighter

If you love to apply highlighter not only on your face but body also then this highlighter will be the best pick for you. From cheekbone to collarbone or shins, this highlighter will give you the perfect incandescent skin without any annoying glitter.

Strobe Cream

Strobe cream is considered as one of the best highlighters and is a quick fix. It is an illuminating cream that boost, highlights and luminizes makeup with iridescent particles. Dull skin toned ladies should give a try to peachlite shade to boost.

Multi-use Glow Stick

This roll-on wonder can fit neatly into the most petite make-up bags to deliver a balmy sheen to the skin. 

Highlighters can be used to add radiance to your collarbones and the tops of the shoulders in warm weather. So,pick up the right highlighter for yourself and shine!