4 Dramas That Should Be On Your Must-Watch List!

These Pakistani Dramas Not Only Highlight Social Issues But Also Surprise The Viewers With Their ‘Different’ Approach

4 Dramas That Should Be On Your Must-Watch List!
Cast Of Log Kia Kahenge

They said that Pakistani dramas don’t have anything else to discuss other than Saas-Bahu issues; what they didn’t say was that many dramas currently on air are not based around family politics, for a change. These four dramas should be on the must-watch list of every avid drama viewer just since they will make ‘you want to watch more’. What are these dramas and why are they better than the rest of the plays on-air at the moment, let’s find out.

Drama Serial Dulhan (HUM TV)

Not many dramas have generated the kind of storm Dulhan did in its second week; it began as a normal love story where the boy meets the girl, woos her, and by the end of the second episode marries her. The twist takes place after that when the groom is switched at the last moment because everything from the stalking to the wedding was done as a bet, and the winner took away the prized car, and the loser getting the girl. How this one incident changes the life of all those who were a part of it is what makes Dulhan a thriller that keeps on delivering every week.

Written by Adeel Razzaq and directed by Adeel Siddiqui, the drama features Sami Khan as the ‘winner’ with Sumbul Iqbal as the ‘bet’ and Faizan Khawaja as the ‘loser’. With Mashal Khan, Shaheen Khan, Shehryar Zaidi, and Nida Mumtaz in the cast, Dulhan is all set to change the way dramas are being made in Pakistan, and its success might give others hope and they shift away from the run-of-the-mill stuff to something different.

Drama Serial Log Kia Kahenge (ARY Digital)

Faysal Qureshi makes a welcome return to TV with Log Kia Kahenge that revolves around the complications that take place between his family and his late friends’ wife who has nobody to look after her and her daughter after her husband’s suicide! The drama covers many social issues from committing suicide to the widow’s life and hardships, and what happens when someone sincerely tries to help her with good intentions.

Written by Soofia Khurram, and directed by Mohsin Mirza, the drama stars Faysal Qureshi as the main protagonist who takes care of the family of his late friend (played by Aijazz Aslam); Saheefa Jabbar Khattak is the wife who must suffer the consequences of her husband’s hasty decision while Sakina Samo is the mother who blames her for everything and Kinza Razzak is the wife of the do-gooder who is stuck between his family and friendship. Tipu Sharif and Furqan Qureshi also make their appearances and this drama should be on your must-watch list because of being different than others, and highlighting social evils that are not part of other scripts.

Drama Serial Mushk (HUM TV)

Every once in a while comes a drama that is a complete package, and grabs the audience’s attention like never before; Mushk is that kind of a drama. Like the evergreen Waris that aired forty years back, it is a grand story revolving around multiple tracks, and surprises the viewers with its shocking twists and turns. For a few it is a story of a young girl whose husband goes missing while on a trip to attend his mother’s funeral; it can also be termed as the story of a con-woman who agrees to play a maid to a rich woman so that she can pose as her kid’s mother without raising suspicion; there is another character who loves the already married girl and is torn between finding her husband or marrying her; besides other things, there is a prisoner who holds the key to all these plots, but is unable to do something because of his captor’s influence.

Written by Imran Ashraf and directed by Aehsun Talish, Mushk is a one-of-its-kind play and takes you back into the 1980s when Pakistan produced action dramas that highlighted social issues and educate the audience in their own way. Both the writer and the director act in front of the camera with Momal Sheikh playing the girl looking for her missing husband (played by Osama Tahir), who hires Guddi (played by Urwa Hocane) to pose as her baby’s mother, is all set to marry Adam (Imran Ashraf) despite knowing that it might be wrong! Add Ali Zafar’s hit OST to the equation and you have a perfect drama that would be remembered for a long time, because of its grand scale, brilliant performances, and excellent execution.

Drama Serial Saraab (HUM TV)

When was the last time you saw a drama that revolved around schizophrenia and was so authentic that people from around the world praised it for its attention to detail. The makers of Saraab must be commended for dealing with a subject that isn’t rating worthy but will stay in the mind of the viewers for a long time because of its superb screenplay, excellent direction, and power-packed performances. In the first few episodes, the mental problem was associated with the desi totkas and it was only after the sixth episode that the viewers got to know that the main protagonist was suffering from schizophrenia.

Written by Edison Idrees Masih, and superbly handled by director Mohsin Talat, Saraab features Sonya Hussyn in the lead role alongside Sami Khan who plays both her husband and It's hallucinated version, the one who talks to her when no one else is around. With Sajid Shah, Kinza Malik, Aurangzeb Leghari, Farida Shabbir, Nazish Jehangir, Ghana Ali, Shafqat Khan, and Mohsin Ejaz in the cast, Saraab is all set to herald back the era when scripts were written by sensible writers, when directors felt connected to both the script and the cause and when the actors played characters so perfectly that the viewers would forget that they were just acting on screen. How Saraab unfolds is as big a mystery as how the protagonist would be treated, both literally and figuratively, now that she has gotten married to the very person she saw in her hallucinations.

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