4 Easy Braid Hairstyles You Can Try At Home

Who knew these braids can be so easy?

4 Easy Braid Hairstyles You Can Try At Home
Try a unique hairstyle this weekend

Are you looking for a hairstyle that can be simple and easy to try at home? Consider the braid! Besides keeping your hair away from your face, it makes you look good too. From a low-maintenance or casual look to a braided updo for a special occasion, braids can surely work well for you at all times! Summer can also be a good reason to opt for the braided hairstyle as hair that weighs on our neck and make it sweaty is old now.  Switch to the braids and continue to shine!

Partial braids

As it is understood from the name ‘partial,’ it stops in the mid way before they run for the full length.

partial braid

A chic ponytail can gather all the remaining hair. Otherwise, leave them to move freely with the air.

partial braids 3

Single braids

Gather all the hair in a single braid and you will get a single braid hairstyle. This one will work best with long soft hair. The braid usually touches the shoulder or the back.

single braid

Moreover, some single braids can also go around the head to form a halo.

single braid halo

Multiple braids

For multiple braids, you can need to pick first. You can cover your entire head with many tiny cornrow braids, a simple triple or quadruple French braid look or lastly a head full of box braids. But remember, you need to be pro in selecting multiple braids.

multiple braids

Wearing them down or pinning up in any style to look fabulous, it’s your choice!

French braids

It follows a 3-strand alternating braiding technique which is started from the scalp. Divide hair into 3 sections first and start forming a braid by picking hair to each section.

french braid

 In French braid, the layered strands are over one another giving you a perfect eye-catchy look!

french braid 2