4 Essential Drinks To keep Your Kidneys Clean

Your kidney serves a key role in your survival

4 Essential Drinks To keep Your Kidneys Clean
4 Essential Drinks To keep Your Kidneys Clean

Our kidneys serve as an integral part in our survival. It keeps our blood’s composition stable and allows it to function properly. It also controls calcium metabolism. If we say that our kidneys are the chemical factories which perform functions like removing wastes from our body then it would not be wrong.

Kidneys act as a toxin-filtering team and require your support to function well. For this purpose, you just need to hydrate yourself to the fullest.

So, here we are presenting to you, 4 essential drinks to keep your kidneys clean and healthy.

1. Cranberry juice

Cranberry juice not just prevents but also treats urinary infections. They have a compound with ant adherence properties that are able to halt e-coli (a type of bacteria) from hanging in the urinary tract. This bacterium is the main cause for the urinary infections.

Cranberry juice can help alleviate pain. Avoid overly processed cranberry juice cocktails and instead, opt for pure juice or some sort of supplement to help mitigate kidney pain and reduce the symptoms of a UTI.

2. Ginger Tea

Ginger is considered to be a holistic medicine for all kinds of pain. A compound present in the ginger called ‘Gingerol’ inhibits the spread of bacteria. As a result, your overworked kidneys and liver will be relieved.

Studies show that ginger also regulates chronic blood sugar which can be devastating for your kidneys.  Ginger also serves as a protection against kidney problems of diabetic patients; where as healthy people can enjoy it to eliminate the risk of developing diabetes.

3. Lemon and lime citrus juices

Citrus has got a special compound called citrate which prevents kidney stones. Kidney stones occur when calcium binds with another minerals and form crystals. Furthermore, these crystals clump together to form stones which then must be passed through the urinary tract in a harrowing progression.

Increasing the intake of lemon or lime may prevent calcium from binding together. No clumps which means no stones!

Avoid taking too much sugar in your drink, let it be a little acidic.

4. Water

Without any doubt, water is the perfect drink for your kidneys. When you are properly hydrated, your kidneys more easily do the job of flushing toxins. When you’re dehydrated, kidneys have to move a thicker sludge of toxins and may pull water out of your other organs to get the job done.