4 Essential Summer Hair Care Tips For Men

Men often ignore taking care of themselves, especially their hair but these tips are easy and will come in handy.

4 Essential Summer Hair Care Tips For Men
4 Essential Summer Hair Care Tips For Men

As much as we love the summer season and the many benefits it brings with it, such as, our most-loved fruit Mangoes, it also comes with a number of problems.

One of them is the dryness or for some people oiliness experienced in their scalp during the season, owing to the humidity in the weather.

While many women are likely to take care of these changes, men often take less care of their hair needs and are also the ones more exposed to the sun as they go out to sit at chai dhabas with their friends or perhaps walk to work. Thanks to our conservative and misogynistic society, women usually stay indoors.

Having said that, we have got hair care tips that men can easily abide by without having to do much. These will help their hair stay healthy and shiny throughout summer.

Here are four essential summer hair care tips for men:

Don’t Shampoo Everyday –

Over shampooing the hair will expose them to chemicals everyday making them lose their natural glow. It’s best to shampoo them three to four times a week and preferably with a shampoo that consists of natural ingredients.

Dry Them Gently –

Toss out towels during the summer season and use cotton shirts instead to gently dry wet hair. Rubbing them roughly can damage them.

Use Conditioner Often –

Our hair often get oily sooner in the summers. So, instead of washing them with a shampoo, use an egg-based conditioner. Egg is high in protein and helps nourish our hair.  

Use Less Hair Products –

Men often resort to using a lot of hair products when it comes to styling their hair, such as, gels and styling mousse. But these chemical based products only damper the natural textures of the hair instead. They should especially be avoided during the summer season.