4 Exercises That Will Help Strengthen Your Upper-body

These exercises require minimum equipment and need just about 20-minutes of your time every day.

4 Exercises That Will Help Strengthen Your Upper-body
4 Exercises That Will Help Strengthen Your Upper-body

Strengthening our upper body for a fit and healthy life is important. Whether it is carrying grocery bags or luggage when traveling, upper body strength can help us live our daily life with ease.

And strength training, also known as resistance training, is important for any fitness routine. Many people will tell you that strength training will end up giving you bulgy muscles but that is far from the truth.

More importantly, working your upper body muscles, such as, arms, back, chest and shoulders will not only help improve the performance of your daily tasks, it will also help with body posture and ward off illnesses like osteoporosis.

Here are four exercises that you can do at home with ease:

Tricep Dips

All you need for this is a chair that does not have rollers on it.

How to do: Place the chair in one position and sit straight with your palms holding the edge of the chair. Move your body forward as you lean off the chair with your knees slightly bent and foot flat on the ground.

Dip below, shifting the weight of your body to your hands and come back up. Do this at least 10 to 15 times.  

Resistant Band Pull

This exercise helps strengthen your back.

How to do: Take a stretchable band and stand straight. Stretch your arms forward while holding the band and then pull the band as you stretch your arms wide open.

Biceps Extensions

This is another no equipment exercise that works your biceps.

How to do: Stand straight and stretch your arms out and then bring them in by holding them close to your chest with your elbow bent. Do these 20 times in sets of two to three.


We don’t need to stress on the importance of this exercise as we are all aware that it works our entire core and upper body strength.

How to do: Get down on all fours with your arms slightly wider than your shoulders. Lower your body almost to the ground and pull back up. Do at least 15 to 20 push-ups in sets of two for quicker results.