4 Healthy Snacks To Binge On During Movie Nights

Binge-eating and binge-watching go hand in hand, but let’s substitute junk food with healthy snacks for a guilt-free movie watching experience.

4 Healthy Snacks To Binge On During Movie Nights
4 Healthy Snacks To Binge On During Movie Nights

We have been spending a lot of days at home owing to the coronavirus outbreak. Many of us have resorted to take this time staying home to catch-up on all the movies that we were previously unable to watch.

This means a lot of screen time and binge-watching. And having back-to-back movie marathons also calls for binge-eating. Because let’s face it there no Netflix-ing without snacking on some good old junk food like chips and fries.

However, binge-eating junk food, such as, sugary and carb-loaded snacks can lead to consuming a lot of calories. This may eventually lead to health-related issues, such as, obesity, diabetes or high cholesterol levels.

It is thus important to substitute junk food with healthy snacks during those movie nights. Here are four healthy snack options you can opt for instead:

Mixed Nuts

Dry fruits are packed with a lot of nutritional value and make for a great snack option. Consuming nuts may also prevent certain cancers, depression and other illnesses.

Apple slices topped with peanut butter

We have all heard the saying ‘an apple a day, keeps the doctor away’ and topped with some delicious peanut butter will make for a healthier option as the latter has benefits for an individual’s heart health.

So, before playing the movie, cut apples into slices and layer them with peanut butter!

Homemade Popcorns

Movie and popcorns make for the best combo. But steer away from processed packages and opt for homemade popcorns instead.

Drizzle extra-virgin oil on them and top them with a topping of your choice.

Frozen Grapes

If you are someone who likes to eat candies while watching a movie, then freeze grapes on a tray so that they freeze separately a night before and have them to satisfy all your sweet-cravings.