4 Lip Colors If You Wish To Wear A Bright Smile

Lip colors to boost your confidence for a perfect smile

4 Lip Colors If You Wish To Wear A Bright Smile
4 Lip Colors If You Wish To Wear A Bright Smile

Lip color can turn your look instantly from unkempt to put together. The power of color is all it takes to lift spirits and confidence. What’s more, the best part of it all is that it can slip right into your purse so you can be ready for any occurrence that might require a little pizzazz.

Lip sticks can create many wonders but has only one drawback. One wrong shade can emphasize the dullness of your teeth and that’s arguable. So why is it that some colours accentuate the brightness of pearly whites while others contrast differently? Apparently, it’s all in the undertones of the shade of choice.

In a quest to find the best bullets, glosses, tints and stains for whiter teeth, and an all-round brighter smile, we rounded up the colors to wear sans dentist appointment.

1. Blush nudes

To get a natural, barely-there makeup look use nude shades. The undertones that lean towards brown an peaches which give a yellow effect on your teeth. Pink corals however aren’t too warm and can whiten teeth in contrast.

2. Blue-based Reds

There are numerous lip color brands which have their own signature red color. But all reds are created equal. Red lips with blue tones are the most flattering and cancel out any yellows casted on the teeth.

3. Purples and plums

Dark shades generally give teeth a gloomy effect. To eliminate this problem, pick a vampy shade (again, one with blues) to counter the yellow. Deep berries and magenta are high contrast colours that not only brighten teeth, but also work on most skin tones.

4. Blues and violets

This may not work for everyday wear, but cool shades are trending this season. If there is one type of colour that is most complementary, it’s blue. Step out of your comfort zone and dare to embrace something new.