4 Music Videos That Will Make You Forget Terrible 2020

Written by Omair Alavi

4 Music Videos That Will Make You Forget Terrible 2020
4 Music Videos That Will Make You Forget Terrible 2020

It would be incorrect to term the year 2020 as anything besides terrible; renowned celebrities have died all over the world, cinemas have shut down worldwide due to COVID-19 and the pandemic has deprived the listeners of quality music as well. Even in these tiring conditions, there have been some music composers and singers who have managed to break out of the Circle of Boredom, and given us music videos that would make you forget the terrible 2020. Let’s find out which music videos came out in 2020, and stayed back due to their many characteristics.


Singer: Nazia Zuberi Hassan
Music: Kashan Admani
Lyrics: Sabir Zafar

If we go by the ‘Ladies First’ rule, then Nazia Zuberi Hassan’s Naina will be mentioned first; the original lead singer of Rushk delivers a solo that is for the mature audience, the one that listens to the lyrics as well. Sung like a romantic solo song from the 1980s, Naina is one of the few songs that can be adapted as an OST (Original Sound Track) by the drama industry. It’s not just soothing to the ears, it’s refreshing as well as melodious. Nazia’s vocals are 'mature' just like the lyrics, which are a breath of fresh air from the Jadoo, Too, Justajoo, Rubaru we get to hear every now and then, for no reason. Listen to it because it is something you missed, and then put it on repeat, if your ‘taste’ has matured!

Tu Queiro

Singer: Hadi Uppal and Aima Baig
Music: Shiraz Uppal
Lyrics: Late Shakeel Sohail
Directed by: Saad Hashmi

And then there is the dynamic duo of Hadi Uppal and Aima Baig who 'Te Quiero'ed into our hearts with their duet; Te Quiero came at a time when COVID-19 was at its peak, and managed to become popular because it was unlike anything the listeners had heard for a long time. Choreographed by Nigah Hussain and featuring both the vocalists as the romantic pair on screen, Aima Baig and Hadi Uppal set the screen on fire with their sizzling chemistry and fiery presence. And if you believe that Shiraz Uppal's composition only suits him, think again because here 'the son becomes the father, and the father becomes the son'. This was the last collaboration between Shiraz Uppal and Shakeel Sohail, his partner in crime who wrote the lyrics of all his songs. He passed away a few days later after the video was released, and managed to work with both the Uppals, who seem to be going strong with the passage of time.

Toota Tara

Singer: Aashir Wajahat
Music: Aashir Wajahat, Nayel Wajahat, Sinnan Fizwani
Lyrics: Hassan Effendi
Directed by: Wajahat Rauf

And then there was Aashir Wajahat, the singer/actor who decided to follow his parents Shazia Wajahat and Wajahat Rauf into showbiz, but not as a producer or a director. The wonder kid who acted in Karachi Se Lahore and Chhalawa sang a song in Lahore Se Aagay and since then hasn’t looked back. Still in his teens, he managed to co-compose and sing Toota Tara that changes the mood of the listener even in the pandemic with its refreshing take. Featuring Faryal Mehmood as the girl next door who changes her dresses to suit the song’s mood, Toota Tara manages to make your feet tap, your hand move, and wonder where this kid was hiding all these years. Aashir’s vocals have improved a lot and if he carries on like that, he would end up in a place where not many teenagers have gone before!

Ki Jana

Singer: Shani Arshad
Music: Shani Arshad
Lyrics: Baba Bulleh Shah
Directed by: Nabeel Qureshi

Shani Arshad’s Ki Jana came, became viral, and became one of the most-watched music videos of 2020 in no time. Featuring Sonya Hussyn and Mohsin Abbas Haider as a newly married couple, it narrates a tragic story of forbidden love. The singer/composer also features in the music video but is overshadowed by his more recognizable cast members, the hot and barren Balochistan and above all, the Quentin Tarantino inspired brand of violence depicted on screen.

Directed by Nabeel Qureshi, and produced by Fizza Ali Meerza, the music video highlights the very important issue of honor killing, which is quite common in Pakistan and especially in the rural areas. The Filmwala team did full justice to Baba Bulleh Shah's lyrics and the same can be said for Shani Arshad who continues to surprise us with his vocals every now and then. As for Sonya Hussyn, she looks breathtakingly beautiful as the bride who chooses to join her partner in death but not before taking down those who sent him to his heavenly abode. Her surrender, in front of her father, shows that the lovebirds won in the end, no matter what the world thought!

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