4 Need-To-Know Deadly Foods That Cause Cancer

It’s better to avoid these cancer-causing foods

4 Need-To-Know Deadly Foods That Cause Cancer
4 Need-To-Know Deadly Foods That Cause Cancer

You may know that optimal health starts in the kitchen, but did you know that your  diet can be one of the causing factor of many fatal diseases including cancer?

As a matter of fact, 70% of cancers can be prevented through diet. The other 30% has to do with genetics and environmental factors that you can’t control.

Here we are showing 4 deadly foods that you should avoid in order to beat cancer.

1. Canned Foods

High amount of salt and sugar are present in the canned foods but that is not problematic. What creates problem is the tin can in which the food is stored.

They are often lined with the dangerous chemical BPA, which is a known hormone disrupter that has also been linked to cancer. BPA will leech into whatever food comes in contact with it, especially things that are naturally acidic, such as tomatoes.

Simple way to avoid canned food is to prefer home-cooking. If not possible, then buy frozen items or if it is very necessary then buy BPA free cans.

2. Potato chips

Chips are not at all healthy as it contains a high amount of salt and saturated fats in it.

The reason they increase your cancer risk is a chemical called acrylamide, a carcinogenic chemical that occurs anytime food is cooked to a high temperature.

Fried potatoes, charred meat and cigarettes contain a high amount of acrylamide.

3. Smoked and Processed meat

Use of red meat should be limited in order to stay healthy due to its high fat content.

Foods like bacon, sausages, lunch meat, jerky and smoked barbeque are preserved using nitrates and nitrites, which are linked to cancer. And even though smoking is an age-old technique for preserving food, it causes meat to take on tar in the process. It’s bad in cigarettes and just as dangerous in food.

4. Microwave popcorn

Microwave popcorns have the same storage problem. The bags in which they are kept are lined with a product called PFOA, which has been linked to the occurrence of pancreas, kidney, liver, bladder, and testicular cancer.

When you pop the corn in the microwave, PFOA coats the finished product right along with the artificial trans fat “butter”. Popcorn itself can be a healthy snack, however, if you use an air popper and then toss it with a little bit of garlic-infused olive oil or a flavorful dried herb mix.