4 Pairs of Best- Comfy Sandals To Step Out In This Summer

These summer-sandals are best suited for every “Socially distanced summer” occasion

4 Pairs of Best- Comfy Sandals To Step Out In This Summer
4 Pairs of Best- Comfy Sandals To Step Out In This Summer

The transition to warmer weather brings the need for a pair of solid summer sandals. You will be missing your high heels this summer as the comfy-sandals are in stores. Detailing the sandals, you will find plenty of flat and comfortable styles that are stylish yet practical.

Be it a tourist style sandal for a solitary walk, flip-flop for your backyard swim look or even a closed-toe cage shoe for those who are in need of pedicure. The sandal which will suit the best in the current scenario is a cozy Work From Home sandal.

Here, discover the 4 new trends during this summer

1. Clog Craze

You will not fall into this clog craze until you slip into one of these delightful summer sandal versions. The irresistibly cute wooden slides have a kaleidoscopic range of colors which compliments perfectly with the wooden sole and buckles strap.


2. Caged In

No Pedicure? No problem!

These caged in variegated sandals are best for those who are in a desperate need of pedicure. Plenty of straps cover your feet yet it allows it to breathe and feel cool on the summer days.


3. Solitary Walkers

Last summer, the go-to tourist shoe began its trend and this year too it has taken the place. Floral printed cotton or classic luxe leather to dress down a pair of high-waisted trousers or a casual maxi dress is perfect for a socially distanced walk.


4. House Slide

A flat slide sandal is the hero shoe of the warm weather season. All what you desire as an indoor WFH shoe it has as it is simple, stylish, comfortable, once a perfect option for the daily commute, these cushy leather, shearling, or terry cloth slipper-like sandals.

In a variety of neutral colors ways and minimal slide or crossover silhouettes, these sandals will be the go-to stars of your wardrobe.