5 Best Fitness Bloggers To Follow To Stay In Shape

These bloggers are making sure we stay motivated in lockdown.

5 Best Fitness Bloggers To Follow To Stay In Shape

Working out and exercising has always been a task, even in our post-pandemic lives. So, it is only natural to feel demotivated to workout at home when the world outside is shut and is facing a global pandemic.

But we cannot deny the fact that it is even more important now to stay fit, when we are all stuck at home with restricted mobility, and take some time out every day and workout.

Remember the goal for exercising should not just be losing weight but also staying fit to help boost your immune system and feel an instant increase in your energy levels.

And these fitness bloggers in Pakistan are here to help you achieve that!

Follow these fitness Instagram accounts and get started:

1. Amafa Mubashir


If you are someone who enjoys Yoga then follow Yogi Amafa Mubashir. She frequently uploads meditation vides on her feed, while also sharing nutritional recipes on her stories.

2. Mehak Taherani


A couple days ago when I put up a story about wishing lockdown wouldn’t end, cause #hairoil all day, daily ???? rides & couldn’t give less of a ???? in general - I got a dm saying that was an insensitive thing for me to wish at this time I get it. And it bothered me a little, but here’s the thing. This is a public account and not the most personal blog, but it will hold up non political unbiased personal views & wishes. I’ve never been one to follow the news or what is trending on twitter - it’s just not my thing to wake up to these or have much of an opinion. I just don’t and I am completely at peace with it. It does make me sound slightly unaware, but it is MY headspace at the end of the day, and we are limited in the energy we can share with ourselves, with the world and the people that surround us. I choose to give my energy where I feel it belongs. And sometimes that is in thinking that I am exactly where I need to be. I do believe that people have the ability to choose their states, & mine right now is just going to be “quite content” with everything that is good. Cause the good is what you make of it, not what it may necessarily be for another. Choose your good & don’t think twice about it. Anyway! Phool Beody Veurkout Muves: You could do this as one big giant set or set up a timer - repeating for as many rounds as you have the time and will for ????????‍♀️ I love the 45 second on and 15 second off intervals 1. Pike push ups 2. Sumo Squat to Lunge 3. Squat Pulses 4. SL Glute bridges (work both sides obvs) 5. Roll ups to push ups 6. Hip Thrusts Love ya beasties ???? Stay good

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Owner and fitness guru of the club MUV Beast, Mehak Taherani, has taken to her Instagram to share workout videos in lockdown.

From a full body workout to only focusing on lower body, Taherani has got you covered.

3. Mantahaa Tareen

Another female in our list, Mantahaa Tareen is making sure that you stay active at home. Her exercise routines are easy to follow and you will be done in under 8-minutes.

4. Mustafa Ali Jamshed

If you are looking for high intensity workouts using heavy equipment, then Mustafa Ali Jamshed the owner of Impulse Fitness is you man.

5. Nusrat Hidayatullah


APOCALYPSE FULL BODY WORK ???? | grab your DBS and get ready for the fire ???? Either you’re going to finish this work out tonight or this work out is going to finish you ???? But I want you to keep pushing your hardest. We’ve been through a lot recently so we need to train hard. It’ll feel so good! Am I righttt friends?! . Stability check - the weight will be unstable. Mine’s wobbling like a beech. Use your fingers to grab it tight as you lift your body up. This will help build that mind + muscle connection ???? and improve the entire movement pattern all the way up to the shoulders; avoiding compensation and overload! . Beginner - do the movements without weights/ lighter weights until you’re satisfied with your form. Then feel free to add more resistance. Remember everyone’s fitness levels are different, you just have to go beyond your own! Set timer to 45 secs active/ 15 secs rest. Complete all 4 movements to make 4 mins. Repeat round 6-8 times 1. Elevated push up variation 2. Squat with db raise variation 3. Reverse lunge with punch variation 4. Side step squat with forward press For more workouts and training with me follow LINK IN BIO ???? CRUSH THIS ONE FAM ???????? let me know how powerful you feel later!! Wearing @irongear_fitness ???? @gatoradepk @gatorade | #fitness #fitnessmotivation #fitnessaddict #fitfam #workout #training #motivation #girl #ootd #fashion #instadaily #love

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The 42 Day Challenge founder and CEO Nusrat Hidayatullah is also giving some workout inspiration in lockdown. Along with frequent workout video, Hidayatullah is also sharing some delicious healthy recipes.