5 Easy Exercises You Can Do Post Iftar This Ramazan

These workouts will help you stay fit and healthy this Ramazan season.

5 Easy Exercises You Can Do Post Iftar This Ramazan

Most of us end up gaining weight during Ramazan as we love to consume fried items laid in front of us on the iftar table.

Making new dishes filled with spice and fat becomes an everyday ritual with crispy pakoras and aloo ke samosay as sidelines to almost every meal.

We are guilty too! One of the best things about the holy month are the delicious meals that come with it. But this does not mean we give into our temptations and do not take care of ourselves at all.

Health and fitness experts have suggested incorporating easy exercises to our daily routine during Ramazan, especially after iftar, to stay fit and healthy.

And let’s face it, with the lockdown in effect, we spend all day sitting or lying down as well. So, here are five simple exercise you can do after iftar and keep that body moving:

1. 10-min Walk

We do not suggest going out in the park, but go up to your terrace and brisk walk for at least 10 minutes after iftar. If you have the luxury of a treadmill at home then hit that ‘start’ button set a speed and get started.

2. Jumping Rope

Not only is jumping rope beneficial it is also a lot of fun. So get the rope out and start jumping.

Star small with jumping for a minute and once you have got the hang of it keep increasing the time.

3. Two-minute Plank

Yes, we know that a lot of us hate doing the plank but a two-minute plank after iftar is almost like a full body workout.

It not only strengthens the core but also heightens our metabolism. Start with 30 seconds and then go on to hit the 120 second mark.

4. Go Running

Many of us live in compounds or housing societies with parking lots. It’s time to make the most of it and run around the block for about 10-minute after iftar.

And if you have a big enough terrace, then taking a lap would do the trick too.

5. Post-Iftar Meditation

Throughout Ramazan one thing that we often feel is lethargy. To make your mind and body feel energized, incorporating a post-iftar yoga or mediation routine helps immensely.

Remember that all post-iftar exercises should be done at least an hour after eating.