5 Enthralling Self-Growth Books You Need To Read!

Not Just Good Reads, They Help You Grow!

5 Enthralling Self-Growth Books You Need To Read!

Are you a book worm? Are you willing to read books that would keep you engrossed while at the same time contribute to your growth? If that is so, you have come to the perfect place. Here are 5 books that will keep you engrossed while at the same time help you gain new perspectives! 

You may be wondering though..why these five? Well, I have read some of these personally and having a grasp in the world of psychology, I genuinely recommend these for self-growth purposes as they tend to show us another side of one story; a new perspective!

Why Men Love Bitches – This book by Sherry Argov is the perfect choice for feminists. It would help give a different perspective to feminism and would also keep you engrossed due to its witty nature. Who says being a bitch is a bad thing? Sherry uses this word to simply describe women who keep their own in any relationship. It is for the view that women who are submissive (“Too nice” in Sherry’s words!)  intheir relationships; willing to give themselves away right at the beginning of any relationship will eventually be taken for granted. So it is all about how to hold your own!

Him – This poetry book by Pierre A. Jeanty shows us that men too have an emotional side. It challenges the thoughts of society on stereotypical images of men and shows us that men can have a soft side to themthat they keep hidden.With its beautiful way of putting words together for the sake of poetry, it also aims to clarify how men can really feel from the inside but are forced to suppress their feelings.

Her – This is another poetry book by Pierre A. Jeanty which aims to clarify that a love of a woman is not limited to her body but that it goes way beyond. It tells us that a woman’s beauty us not about her physical appearance but rather about the beautiful heart that she has. It gives a new perspective to women who are not appreciated enough or are taken for granted to show them that what they are worth. It is based on the use of poetry to boost women’s self-confidence and self-worth. How beautiful is that?

The Power – This book by Rhonda Byrne is based on the law of attraction and how we can use positivity to attract positive events. This book has the tendency for a person to look at things in a positive light in order for more positivity to come their way! Rhonda’s words in the book show her confidence in how this really works and is based on the concepts of Quantum Physics: Negativity attracts negativity and positivity attracts positivity. 

Assertiveness: How to stand up for yourself and still win the respect of others – This book by Judy Murphy aims to provide its readers with the necessary skills needed in order to be more confident and assertive along with skills needed to be decisive and in control of one’s life. This book will help you in your career as well as your relationships while at the same time help you gain the respect you deserve!

You have to remember that self-growth is the key to living a fulfilling life and that learning never stops.If one keeps learning, one keeps growing.

Wishing you a healthy growth.

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