5 Facts About Faysal Quraishi That Will Surprise You!

Faysal Quraishi May Be One Of The Leading Actors Of Our TV Industry, But We Bet You Didn’t Know These Things About Him!

5 Facts About Faysal Quraishi That Will Surprise You!
Faysal Quraishi

He was an anti-hero in the recently-concluded play Muqaddar on Geo TV, plays the caring friend in ARY Digital’s Log Kya Kahenge and is winning hearts with his performance in Express Entertainment’s Gustakh. In every drama that has recently concluded or is currently on air, he has played contrasting characters, donned different avatars, and looked magical in each one of them. But did you know that like his characters, Faysal Quraishi the actor has a ‘mysterious’ past that remains hidden from most of his fans? For them, his career began with Boota from Toba Tek Singh in 1999, but in reality, there is more to Faysal Quraishi than meets the eye. Read on to find out:

Faysal Quraishi Started His Career As A Child Actor

What’s common between PTV classics Andhera Ujala, Daur e Junoon and Mirza & Sons from the 1980s? If your answer is Qavi Khan then that’s great because you are on the right track. What else is common between these three plays beside Qavi Khan and only the ardent fans of Faysal Quraishi would call out his name in reply. As a child actor, Faysal Quraishi acted in a handful of plays including the two Anwar Maqsood long plays Daur e Junoon (he was off-screen as the play was about two old characters) and Mirza & Songs that were aired from PTV’s Lahore Center. He was also there in Emergency Ward and since his mother Afshan Quraishi was also a TV actress, it was home for the youngster during the 1980s. Watch the clip below and see that he played an important character in Mirza & Sons alongside the renowned actors of the era, and stood his ground as a child actor.

Before Boota From Toba Tek Singh, There Was Filmstar Faysal Quraishi

There was a gap between Faysal Quraishi’s TV appearances in the 1990s and that’s because he was busy elsewhere; he did as many as 19 films during 1995 and 1999 and acted alongside every renowned actor and actress of the era. From Nadeem Baig to Shabnam, from Ghulam Mohiuddin to Javed Sheikh, he shared the screen with all and as always managed to grab the spotlight. After making his debut with Saza in 1995, he acted in Panah, Dil Kisi Ka Dost Nahi, Mard Jeene Nahi Dete, Insanyat Ke Qatil and Ghaddar and while some of them did well at the box office, Faysal Quraishi’s film career was going nowhere. That’s why, on the advice of late film director Javed Fazil, Faysal Quraishi returned to TV, and this time he played the main lead in Boota From Toba Tek Singh and the rest is history. His smart move ensured that he made it to TV on time, otherwise his co-actors from films delayed the decision and had to work hard to make a place for themselves on TV.

Rahat Fateh Ali Khan Sang His First Film Song For Faysal Quraishi!

You read that right! Before he sang for Salman Khan, Akshay Kumar, and others in Bollywood, Rahat Fateh Ali Khan made his film debut as a playback singer in Pakistan and the first actor he lent his voice for was Faysal Quraishi. The film was Mard Jeene Nahi Dete in 1997 where a twenty-something Faysal Quraishi was seen singing a song on a guitar. The video didn’t survive but the audio did and here you can listen to the M Arshad composition that still sounds fresh after two decades. The song was later used in an Indian film Ishq Qayamat in 2004 but hey, it was our first, theirs later!

It’s Not 'Always Hero' For Faysal Quraishi!

Faysal Quraishi is remembered for his heroic roles in Roag, Rang Laaga, and Baba Jani among other plays but he doesn’t play the good guy all the time. His Bashar Momin avatar still sends chills to those who saw the drama and compared him to the Beast in Beauty & The Beast; in Haiwan he played the role of a child molester while more recently in Muqaddar, he played a Wadera who kidnaps a young girl and marries him forcibly, despite being the father of one young girl himself. His character Sardar Saif might have died heroically later but he couldn’t be categorized as a good guy.

Hosting Remains Faysal Quraishi’s Passion!

There is another side to Faysal Quraishi that people don’t know about, especially those who are avid drama watchers and don’t watch morning shows. Faysal Quraishi is one of the best morning show hosts in the country and in the era of TV Weddings, he put his foot down and did meaningful shows on Salam Zindagi that aired on ARY Zindagi. Before that he hosted Muskurati Morning on TVOne and another gameshow Jeet Ka Dum on HUM TV. That’s not all, he even was part of a reality show Hero Banney Ki Tarang and Dum Hai To Entertain Kar during his career and these days he is hosting a game show Khush Raho Pakistan on BOL TV that is doing quite well.

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