5 Frequent Mascara Mistakes And How To Fix Them

Are you applying your mascara correctly? Find out

5 Frequent Mascara Mistakes And How To Fix Them
Mascara can boost one's confidence by enhancing the eyelashes

Mascara can do wonders in a woman’s life, from boosting her confidence till changing her tired eyes into captivating and bold. The small product has many do’s and don’ts from which many girls are unaware of. It is very important to learn how to correctly apply this magic wand and increase its shelf life.

Let’s find out here if you’re one of those ladies who make these basic errors or not!

Be soft and gentle

Have you pumped your mascara twice or thrice before applying it? Do you know the purpose of this? Well, sadly you are mistaken like many others. When you pump up the mascara aggressively it doesn’t do anything besides letting air into the wand. And do you know what will happen if air will enter the mascara? Yes.. it will make your mascara dry and flaky which will result in lump and reduced shelf life.

mascara pump

Wipe off Mascara before sleeping

I am sure once or twice in your lifetime, you must have slept with your mascara on! Not only mascara but sleeping with any kind of makeup product can cause damage to your eyes. Mascara can make your lashes brittle which can break easily.

mascara removal

Avoid too many coats

Application of too many coats of mascara can make them clumpy and dry which can result in breaking easily.  mascara coats

Use of Lash curler after applying mascara

There is a big No- for applying mascara after curling your lashes as it will give a pointed bend. You might also lose your precious eye lashes.

lash curler

Avoid blinking eyes right after applying mascara

Blinking your eyes right after mascara can result in smudging. Always remember to wait for few minutes and let it dry. Moreover, you can also use a concealer over your eyelids to fabricate the smudges.