5 Funniest Moments On Hit TV Sitcom FRIENDS

FRIENDS Is A Therapy For Sadness

5 Funniest Moments On Hit TV Sitcom FRIENDS

In case you haven't been living under a rock throughout your life, you would most definitely be familiar with one of the greatest television sitcoms of all time, FRIENDS. The show transcends generations and pulls in new audiences and that is its ultimate beauty. 

The NBC sitcom, which aired its first episode in 1994 and ended its run after ten mega-hit seasons in 2004, continues to be binge-watched by young and old audiences. FRIENDS has been dubbed in Pakistan's native language of Urdu, as well as in Punjabi. 

Such is the success of the show that it is always on the top-most trending list of series on the popular video streaming platform, Netflix. 

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It would be a great injustice to everybody's beloved sitcom if we were to list down only a handful of funny moments from FRIENDS. The show, after all, gave us countless moments of laughter and is still considered as a great source of therapy and an instant pick-me-up. 

Still, here is our list of the top five funniest moments on FRIENDS:

1. When Chandler Gets Stuck In An ATM Vestibule:

New York is hit by a big blackout and power is gone for hours. Chandler is stuck in an ATM vestibule and he is not alone. Jill Goodacre, Victoria Secret's model, is also stuck. The exchange between Chandler and Jill is one of the funniest moments on the show. Chandler calls the others and tells them that he is stuck in an ATM vestibule with Jill Goodacre in a hoarse voice. It always manages to make viewers laugh out loud. 

2. Ross And His Tanning Nightmare:

In season 10 episode 3, Ross decides to go to a tanning place and get a fake tan. What follows is absolutely hilarious. Just when you think Ross’ tanning experience couldn’t get worse, it does. Who would have thought that counting "mississippi" could cause so many problems for Ross and so many laughs for us?

3. Unagi:

Ross tries to teach Rachel and Phoebe a Japanese technique called Unagi after the girls take self-defense classes. He soon learns not to mess with the pair, who are quick to mock and humble him in hilarious ways. The entire sequence is absolutely hilarious. 

4. Rachel's Thanksgiving Trifle Experiment Goes Horribly Wrong:

Poor Rachel! This is exactly why Monica always used to host thanksgiving. The Thanksgiving episodes on FRIENDS every season were an instant hit with fans. One of them even featured Brad Pitt. Anyway, Rachel, in this thanksgiving episode, makes a not-so-traditional dessert, after the pages of her cookbook stick together. This results in a half-trifle, half shepherd's pie creation. Joey teaches everyone not to laugh at Rachel and act as if they enjoyed the dessert!

5. Ross Buys A New Sofa!:

One of the most hilarious episodes of FRIENDS features Ross buying a new sofa set for his lounge. He decides to carry the sofa to his apartment with Rachel, after dismissing the overpriced transportation cost. What follows is absolutely hilarious as Ross, Chandler, and Rachel try to carry the sofa through the stairs and into Ross' apartment. Ross keeps yelling "Pivot" and when it gets a bit too much for Chandler, he yells "Shut up!" in frustration. The sofa ends up breaking in half!

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