5 Iconic Desi Foods Of Lahore City That Are Must-Haves

‘For Food – Lahore, Lahore Hay!!’

5 Iconic Desi Foods Of Lahore City That Are Must-Haves
Lahore- Famous for cultural Virsa and street food

Lahore- being at the centre of the Mughal Empire holds an important place in the history and is famous for many things. Meenar-e-Pakistan, Shahi Qila, Allama Iqbal Tomb, Data Darbar, Lahore Fort and last but not the least Bashahi Mosque are epitome of its cultural heritage. Apart from these historic and cultural places, Lahore holds a significant place in everyone’s heart as it offers a variety of scrumptious food. From delicious Butt Karahi to a range of finger-licking sweets, it is rightly said, Lahore-Lahore Hay!

Siri Paaye

A must-have street food of Lahore ‘Paaye’ served with hot roogni naans and a huge glass of chilled lassi It is finger-licking good as the main ingredient of this dish are the trotters of cow or buffalo.

lahori paaye

It will surely fulfill all your desi breakfast needs.  

Lahori Chargha

Lakshmi Chowk is the place where you can fulfill your craving for Lahori Chargha. The street has many delicious items but lahori chargha is all what you need! Served with spicy chutney and cooked to perfection, lahori chargha is a must-have!

lahori chargha

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Dahi Bhallay

One of the mouth-watering identities of Lahore street food is Dahi Bhallay. The balls which have crispy covering outside and soft from inside are made up of black lentils, potatoes and chickpeas. Served with creamy yogurt and thinly sliced onions, garnished with sweet and sour tamarind chutney.

dahi bhallay

Salivating? Isn’t it? Me Too!



The stepsister of Haleem with a little difference in taste, the delicious hareesa is a kashmiri concoction of meat with wheat flour mixed with many spices and loads of ghee.

lahori hareesa

Garnished with julienne-cutted ginger, lemon, green chili and chaat masala.

Butt Karahi

Lakshmi chowk is famous for many different food items. One of them is the succelent Butt Karahi which is the king of all karahis. A thick spicy gravy with a tangy lime flavor, best for all non-vegetarians!

butt karahi

Enjoy this sumptuous food with hot butter tandoori roti.

lahori butt karahi