5 Interesting Things You Will Definitely Need To Know About Diriliş: Ertuğrul

Read these facts before watching the Turkish Series ‘Ertugrul’

5 Interesting Things You Will Definitely Need To Know About Diriliş: Ertuğrul
5 Interesting Things You Will Definitely Need To Know About Diriliş: Ertuğrul

The Turkish Series 'Dirilis Ertugrul' has reached to the top and earning good revenue due to the support provided by the Turkish Government.

The story, characters and the plot is so captivating that once you start watching it's episode, you will watch till the end. It made the audience familiar with all the Islamic values and portrayed them correctly.

PTV started on-airing the series during Ramadan which has made everyone spellbound. Though, the series is also streamed on Netflix where it is titled as Resurrection: Ertugrul.

Here we are presenting some interesting things/facts about the Turkish Series from which you may be unfamiliar with.

1. The Ottoman Empire

The story revolves around the character Ertugrul, father of Osman who is the creator of Ottoman Caliphate.  Based on the historical accounts of the rise of the Ottoman Empire, later on, which lead to the formation of Ottoman Sultanate and caliphate.

From season 1 till season 5, Ertugrul emerges as a young man under his father Suleyman Shah’s guidance to an inspiring leader.

2. The Turkish archives

The actor Engin Altan Duzyan spoke up about the Turkish archives that the historical versions comprises of only 7 pages on Ertugrul. These sources are preserved in Turkish Archives, within Ibn Arabi’s chronologies, in Western archives about Templars, in Byzantine’s timelines and legends.

3. Osman’s Birth

According to the historial facts, Halime Sultan gave birth to Osman at the age of 67. But, the show has depicted his birth very early and does not match with the facts.

4. The shooting

The series behold many beautiful and mesmerizing locales as they were filmed in the Riva and Beykoz areas of Istanbul. The third one was captured in a new setting in Nevsehir.

5. The Makers and Choreography

The series is composed and produced by Mehmet Bozdağ and directed by Metin Günay.

Alpay Göktekin has given the theme music. Indeed they have done an amazing job as they have captivated the audience from all over the world.

The choreography company, Nomad choreographs the show. We have seen their work in movies like The Expendables 2, 47 Ronin, and Conan the Barbarian.

Particular choreograph sequences were formulated for the actors, horses as well as other scenes in Dirilis.

6. The zoo

Horses, sheep, goats, nightingales and partridges were all kept in a particular area near the zoo for the shooting.

The series is made in such as way that it has left marks on the Muslim audiences’ hearts which has made them familiar to the Islamic values.