5 Minute Hacks: Anxiety Edition

Four Ways To Reduce Anxiety In 5 Minutes

5 Minute Hacks: Anxiety Edition
Courtesy: The Recovery Village

From discomfort to worry and fear, and from being mild, moderate, and severe, anxiety can come in different shapes and sizes. However, like every 5 minute hack, there are hacks for anxiety too! I hope this article brings a positive change to all readers.


Picture a scenario that gives you peace – Have you ever had a happy place? The good news is that you do not need to be physically present in that happy place in order to benefit from it. Take some time to imagine a place which once made you happy or a place that would likely give you peace. Be it a place from past memories or an imagined lala-land, directing your mind to a pleasant scenario can help reduce the anxiety your mind created.

Move your body – Everybody knows exercise is important for physical health. But did you know how important it is for your mental health? Exercise releases endorphins a.k.a painkiller and mood elevator hormones. How does this work though? Easy! Like your body uses exercise to burn off excess fat, your mind uses exercise to burn off excess mental energy that is being used to worry. This explains how movement would help in burning off anxiety.

Talk back to your anxiety – Yes! You can always talk back to your anxiety as if it were a being. During the anxious and struggling times, write down all the things you are good at, the things that make you YOU, and the things you have done. When we feel anxious, anxiety talks to us negatively. You have to talk back to it in order to balance the negativity.

Try mindfulness/meditation apps – Yes, I am talking about those apps you keep seeing ads for on your social media. They work. These apps are equipped to help you deal with anxiety within minutes. They consist of videos/audios that up to 10 minutes long and are designed to make anxiety better within a few minutes. You can also find a variety of these videos n YouTube.

Hope this helps!

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