5 Minute Workout Challenge With Sana Fakhar

Sana Fakhar Is Sharing Her Experience Through Her YouTube

5 Minute Workout Challenge With Sana Fakhar
Sana Fakhar

Sana Fakhar is a prominent Pakistani film and television industry actress, fashion icon, an avid biker, fitness enthusiast, and a loving mother. Sana is an extremely talented, innovative, and enterprising actress who has made her mark in film and television productions.

As a mega-star, with global brand endorsements, she has been the Lux Girl in the backdrop of the Great Pyramids, to dancing to catchy musical tunes in a 7up commercial with Fido Dido who is the global brand mascot of the 7up brand, Sana Fakhar has seen it all as a superstar.

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Apart from being a film and television actress and starring in dozens of projects, Sana is a fitness enthusiast as well. It hasn't all been smooth sailing for the veteran actress though. She used to be quite chubby once and got a lot of abusive and trolling comments from people.

However, now when you look at Sana Fakhar, you would be pleasantly surprised to see how impressive her transformation has been. Her journey has been difficult and Sana, through her official YouTube channel, aims to make it easier for everyone else by providing fitness tutorials that are extremely effective and useful.

5 Minute Workout Challenge With Sana Fakhar

In her latest video on YouTube, Sana Fakhar teaches her viewers how to complete a 5-minute workout challenge effectively. In it, Sana describes, while exercising, that people who complete this 5-minute workout every day for two weeks, can lose 6 pounds after two weeks with a balanced and effective diet. 

Sana's workout is a quick and effective way to tone down your core and strengthen it. She advises her audience to remain stress-free and relax before starting this workout. Watch the video here:



The video has English subtitles for people who do not understand Sana's native language of Urdu. You will be able to find many more fitness and diet-related videos on Sana's YouTube channel. 

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