5 Pre-Makeup Skin Care Tips To Follow

The Cosmetologists Shares 5 steps to do before makeup

5 Pre-Makeup Skin Care Tips To Follow
5 Pre-Makeup Skin Care Tips To Follow

Just like the painting on a canvas requires creativity and mindfulness, similarly makeup also requires creativity. It depends on you that how much creative you are while applying makeup. Also, it is essential that how much time you have on your hand.

What we need to do is to give ten minutes extra to define and contour your face. Giving extra time, your energy, concentration and creativity altogether will last a good impression on others.

Here are 5 basic rules or I must say steps to follow pre-makeup.

Even skin- tone

The first and basic step of applying makeup is to even your skin tone. Your face and neck should be toned nicely just like a canvas! Wash and rinse thoroughly with water to get a clean skin for the makeup.

Primer application

Depending on your skin, apply a suitable primer, hydrating gel or serum before applying any makeup.

If you are in your early thirties, take special care of your eye bags and dark circles and apply appropriate concealers to tone it beautifully.

Makeup Brushes

Investing in a good makeup is always best. Use natural brushes to get an even skin tone and avoid the use of synthetic ones.

Use of Foundation

For those who have just started wearing makeup can add foundation as a practice.

But remember, the foundation should be filled with anti-oxidants and SPF Shields to protect against the sun. Also, the foundation color should be toned well with your skin and type.

The oily skin type must avoid cream-based foundations. Moreover, two colored foundations should be used, yellow and pink tone. For forehead and cheeks, the pink toned foundation will go. For eyes, chin and neck go for the yellow one! Blend well to get a perfect even tone.

Eye makeup

Neutral eye shadow should be applied to get an even base color. The basic rule for the catchy eye makeup is to take two colors only, one must be dark and the other should be light. Don't forget to blend well!

Last but not the least; the lip color should be applied after taking the meal so that it may stay for a while. For day makeup avoid using darker tones. Nowadays, nude lip colors are trending mostly.