5 Reasons That Make Saba Qamar The Ultimate Superstar!

With Ghabrana Nahi Hai, Saba Qamar Is All Set To Make Her Presence Felt In 2021 Like Never Before

5 Reasons That Make Saba Qamar The Ultimate Superstar!
Saba Qamar

The year 2020 might have ended but since there was no project that aired on TV, no films that came to a screen near you, and no web-series that featured Saba Qamar in the lead, her fans have erased the year from their memory. They are waiting for their favorite actress to make an appearance in any format, in any project, and on any TV channel soon, so they can welcome the most versatile actress of the current generation. What makes her the ultimate leading lady from Pakistan who is popular wherever she goes and becomes news whenever she thinks of doing something, let’s discuss here so that we can join her fandom before the calendar changes to 2021!

Saba Qamar Doesn't Care About Her Image

Before every leading lady crossed over to the dark side before they started asking writers to cast them as a vamp, and before heroines were shown as the protagonist, Saba Qamar had been there, done that. Long before Jalan, she played the younger and more beautiful sister in Maat, who gets married to her sister’s fiancé and later dumps him for his friend; before Ruswai, she played a rape survivor in both Paani Jaisa Pyar and Sangat, and before an older woman fell for a kid in a TV drama, Saba Qamar had said Bunty I Love You on TV. If anyone can beat her in that, then Saba Qamar would concede defeat but so far she has been wining with every project!

Saba Qamar Came Back From India Making Us Proud

Many actresses from Pakistan have crossed the border and appeared in an Indian film, but the amount of success Saba Qamar received from Bollywood was unmatchable. Her Hindi Medium featured her with the now-departed Irrfan Khan who was so impressed with her co-star that he even suggested her to stay in India for more films. She was nominated for every Award in both the Best Actress and the Best Newcomer/Debut Actress and had the relations between the two countries wouldn’t have gone, she might have been giving a tough time to Bollywood actresses who are good looking but can’t act, like Saba Qamar.

Saba Qamar Proved Herself To Be The Perfect Entertainer

Geo TV’s Hum Sab Umeed Se Hain has launched the careers of many actresses including Mehwish Hayat, Veena Malik, and even Mathira, but the show became a household name when Saba Qamar was hosting it. At that time she had done many great dramas but many that she did could have easily been done by others. Through HSUSH she became so popular that people began casting her more on TV and Telefilms, and when she left the drama for greener pastures, everyone knew who she was. For she could play any character from your favorite host Resham, to Meera Ji and even Sherry Rehman!

Saba Qamar Came To YouTube And Destroyed All

Guess who generated over 2 million subscribers on her YouTube channel, with as few as five videos in 2020? The name’s Saba Qamar who uses her vast experience of doing Hum Sab Umeed Se Hain to come with her own YouTube where she writes, directs and performs all her funny skits, which are given final treatment by her young colleagues before uploading them for an eagerly waiting audience. Do go through her YouTube channel to find out why Saba Qamar is able to do what no man has done before!

Saba Qamar Is The Best In The Business!

Saba Qamar’s only appearance on TV in 2020 was in a Cola Commercial where she made mincemeat of all those who tried to defy her. She didn’t do anything else for films or TV because of COVID-19 that delayed the start of her upcoming flick Ghabrana Nahi Hai and also didn’t let her complete the shooting of Mann Jogi where she reunited with Naumaan Ejaz after quite some time. The web series is being made for an OTT platform and from whatever this scribe has seen, it will make you forget all web series made in Pakistan. Until the director reveals the project, let’s go through her commercial that changed the way women are portrayed in TVCs.

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