5 Smartest Dog Breeds Which Are Surely Take-Home Pets

Guaranteed, these pupsters will brighten your day

5 Smartest Dog Breeds Which Are Surely Take-Home Pets
5 Smartest Dog Breeds Which Are Surely Take-Home Pets

Dogs are known to be man’s best friends; some are more lovably clueless than others. But when it comes to intelligence i.e. following the orders and commands, there are certain types of dog breeds which stand out from the pack. Psychologist Stanley Coren wrote a book which is titled as The Intelligence of Dogs in which he named these breeds as the most intelligent ones. It was published in 1994 and was later updated in 2006. Surely, the book is a landmark piece of literature on the subject.

Question to ponder: Are the dogs really smart?

According to Coren in his book, he has evaluated different breeds’ level of intelligence on the basis of obedience, instincts and adaptability. Some says that it all depends on the dog’s behavior. Some are social and emotionally dependent on people who make them easier to train but they have little intuitive smarts.

Dog’s IQ

Well, the next question which might pop up in your brain could be do dogs have an IQ? Coren has given a very simple suggestion to take your dog’s IQ test. For example, if your dog can pick a new command in fewer than five repetitions than imagine him as your Einstein puppy!

Let’s have a look at few cute and smartest dogs’ breeds and pick one for keeping at home.

1. German shepherd

You must have seen this breed before. Don’t think that much, as this breed is mostly seen in the movies. They serve as police dogs for helping in investigations. Undoubtedly, consistent obedience comes standard with this breed.

german shepherd


2. Golden retriever

This one is the take-home pet! Straight A’s in the intelligence. Can be best for hunting but also enjoys acting like straight-up goofballs once in a while too.

golden retreiver


3. Doberman Pinscher

This breed is named after a tax collector Louis Dobermann who wanted a medium-sized pet. More than pet, Dobermann wanted a companion cum guard dog and this breed is perfect for this!

dobermann pischer


4. Labrador Retreiver

Labs can be pleasing as guide dogs, narcotic detection dogs, or just everyday family pets. They are considered as the most popular breed since 27 years.

labrador retreiver


5. Australian cattle dogs

These dogs are alert, curious and pleasant, can also work as high-energy herders.

australian cattle dogs