5 Steps For Beginners To Make Your Kitchen Garden

Easy Tips That Will Lead You To A Successful Planting

5 Steps For Beginners To Make Your Kitchen Garden
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Everything starts with passion, a passion for creating something, or a passion for learning. If you have it, you’ll surely succeed in achieving your target. 

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HnH is sharing some easy and practical tips. Once you have learned them, you will create the perfect kitchen garden yourself. 

1. The Right Soil

It is a significant element of gardening, but we usually neglect this. Choosing suitable soil is very important as this is the main thing that will nourish your seed to produce the best product out of them. For beginners, it is essential to note some handy secrets to get suitable soil. 

●    Trustworthy vendor for the purchase 

●    It should be crumbly and not smooth.

●    It has to be dark black. 


2. Fertilizers 

The common mistake people make while gardening is, they do not use fertilizers. It is a myth that fertilizers spoil the seeds or defects the soil. But the truth is that it’s essential for the growth of plants and strengthens up their tissues. Using the fertilizer goes like this, diffuse the fertilizer over the area and scrape it into the above 4 inches of soil before planting each seed. 


3. Appropriate Seeds

It is the next step that comes right after preparing the soil. You can easily prepare the seeds at home, but buying is a better option. Not every seed does justice, and if you want your plant to grow healthy, you must opt for the store ones. The good seed is everything to the plant; otherwise, your efforts are wasted, it wouldn’t sprout. 


4. Water on time

Another myth comes here; people think that plants need water daily. No, it is not valid. Human needs it daily not plants. The demand of every plant is different regarding watering. You must know the requirements of your growing baby before you plan for it. Google it, do some research; it will be helpful.

Watering Plant

5. The Sunlight

It was taught to us at our early age that plants need water and sunlight. So it is undeniable to know that it is their primary requirement. Having the right amount of sun is essential. Many people become upset when their babies don’t grow well or get burnt. The problem is a lack of knowledge. The need for sunlight varies from plants to plants, some need it daily, and some want a little. Do a little homework before you start planting them. 

Plants And Sunlight

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