5 Times FRIENDS Made Us Cry

Popular Sitcom FRIENDS Was More Than Just Funny

5 Times FRIENDS Made Us Cry

FRIENDS is one of the most popular television shows of the 90s and early 00s. The sitcom became so successful that it not only received countless accolades and Super Bowl spots, it is still widely regarded as one of those sitcoms that you can watch for an instant uplifting of mood. 

So much so, that the hit television sitcom is always on the top 10 trending shows on the popular streaming service platform, Netflix. FRIENDS made an entire generation of the television audience laugh and cry with its famous characters, Monica, Rachel, Phoebe, Chandler, Joey, and Ross. 

These six characters, played by Courtney Cox, Jennifer Aniston, Lisa Kudrow, Matthew Perry, Matt LeBlanc, and David Schwimmer respectively, went on to become international superstars and signed million-dollar contracts and endorsements. 

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FRIENDS shall always remain an evergreen television show with fans relating to their favorite characters and their experiences on the show. It gave us countless hilarious moments but FRIENDS was not just about being a funny and sarcastic sitcom; it gave us a few teary, emotional moments as well, which left us reaching for the tissue paper box. 

1. When Ross and Rachel First Kissed:

This highly intense and emotional scene takes place at Central Perk coffee house when Ross barges in on Rachel cleaning the coffee house and yells at her for expressing her love for him and making things awkward and confusing for Ross and Julie. Rachel, in turn, yells at Ross for not expressing his feelings for her earlier and then bringing Julie into their lives, from China. The scene takes an emotional turn when Ross comes back and finds the coffee house door locked. Rachel turns and sees Ross looking at her longingly. She just about manages to unlock the door and the two kiss for the first time.

2. When Ross Dressed Up For Rachel's Prom But Got Snubbed:

Perhaps, one of the most emotional scenes of the entire series saw the six friends minus a very reluctant Ross looking at an old high school Prom video of Monica and Rachel. Monica's date arrives on time but Rachel keeps waiting hopelessly for hers to arrive. Ross dresses up as Rachel's date instead and tries to become her knight in shining armor, only to see Rachel trotting along with her date eventually. It leaves Ross visibly devastated. Rachel sees this video and in one of the most emotional scenes in television history, goes over to a dejected Ross and kisses him, leaving fans bawling and cheering for their favorite couple at the same time. 

3. When Phoebe Had Her Brother's Triplets:

Phoebe did the most selfless thing a sister could ever do for a brother. She got pregnant and delivered her brother's triplets for him only to realize at the very end that she would have to give them up. Parting with the triplets after establishing such a beautiful bond with them over nine months made Phoebe an emotional mess, leaving the audience crying their eyes out too. 

4. When Monica Proposes To Chandler:

This scene always gets to the audience big time. Chandler devises a plan to surprise Monica and propose to her with an engagement ring. Part of his plan is to make sure Monica knows that Chandler is opposed to marriage and then surprise her. Naturally, Monica is oblivious to this evil plan and in her sadness, she meets her ex-lover Richard. Joey tells Monica the truth eventually and then Monica decides to turn the tables and surprise Chandler instead. When Chandler comes back home, Joey tells him that Monica has left. When he opens the door, he finds Monica on her knees and pops the question to him. The scene makes us love Chandler and Monica even more!

5. When Rachel Got Off The Plane:

Rachel decides to move to Paris as she receives a wonderful job opportunity. Ross is devastated and in a final burst of emotional courage, goes to the airport to stop Rachel and profess his love for her. However, Ross ends up going to the wrong airport, and Rachel's flight departs. Phoebe calls Rachel and gives the phone to Ross who professes his love for her but Rachel still decides to get on the plane for a second time, leaving Ross heartbroken. He comes back home and listens to his answering machine where Rachel has a message for him. During her message, Rachel realizes how much she loves Ross and tries to get off the plane but the stewardess does not allow her to get off. Eventually, we are shown that Rachel had in fact gotten off the plane and the two lovebirds finally end up together.

Honorable mention: The final scene of the series when they leave the apartment for the last time. 

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