5 Tracks By Attaullah Esakhelvi That Have Our Heart

The Music Maestro Knows How To Wrap The Masses Around His Fingers

5 Tracks By Attaullah Esakhelvi That Have Our Heart
Attaullah Esakhelvi

Attaullah Khan Esakhailvi who was born in August 1951 in Mianwali has been serenading the nation with his soulful music for over two decades now. The music maestro knows how to wrap the masses around his finger and give them the tunes that will wow them.

From Kameez Teri Kaali to Dil Lagaya Tha Dillagi Ke Liye – Khan has created some phenomenal songs which are loved by the masses. His latest work with Coke Studio in which he sang Pyaar Naal Na Sahi – garnered a lot of praises for him.

Khan has been blessing all of us with some of his best tracks and we decided to list down five of our most favorite songs by the music guru.

Kameez Teri Kaali

This song honestly brings a lot of memories. There wasn’t in a single shaadi in the ’90s which was complete without this number. From the beat to the lyrics – Khan did a phenomenal job. A lot of people have also sung the r4enditions of this number but none could hold the candle to the original track.

Dil Lagaya Tha Dil lagi Ke Liye

A lot of people joke about how depressing this number is and how all the lovers would be able to relate to this track. This song is one of the most popular tracks of Khan and he has practically poured his heart out in this song. If you haven’t heard it yet, we’d recommend you to go to YouTube and check it out.

Saanwal Kir Mir Laayi

Another track that took the public by storm was this and Khan did full justice to this number. There’s no doubt that he’s a chameleon and can sing any kind of song but this is one of his best tracks and we love the rhythm.

Sab Maya Hai

This list goes on and so does our love for his music. Khan recently sang Sab Maya Hai on Coke Studio and the masses fell head over heels with this version as well. The lyrics and the music honestly take the cake.

Bewafa Youn Tera

Another song which we’ve included on this list is Bewafa and we can without a doubt say that this track is not catchy but the lyrics are also a feast for the ears. If you’re riding solo in your car and want an upbeat track from Khan’s collection – we recommend you hear this out.

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