5 Ways to Build Self Acceptance

Here’s to feeling adequate!

5 Ways to Build Self Acceptance
Self Acceptance

Have you ever caught yourself saying something along the lines of ‘oh, I’m so ugly’ or ‘I wish I was them\looked like them’? Have you ever felt helpless because you didn’t feel good enough or adequate enough? Well, it’s about time you accepted yourself for who you truly are and for the uniqueness you bring to this world!

Self acceptance can be a long, rollercoaster-like journey. But, it helps you get through those times of your life when insecurity feeds at your happiness and you forget to cherish the present moments. Accepting yourself, especially those attributes that are unchangeable, not only enhances your character but helps you provide the world with your individuality and specialty. Here are 5 ways to build self acceptance:

Be affectionate and sympathetic to yourself - don’t forget that you are human and making mistakes is a part of that humanity; don’t beat yourself up every time you may mess up (it’s normal!); and treat your body and your mind kindly, you deserve it.

Follow Positivity - social media is a colossal part of our daily lives, and following positive reminders or assurances through it can go a long way. For example, you could follow certain pages on Instagram or Facebook regarding body positivity, self positivity, or self acceptance, in general. You could even attach sweet notes for yourself on the refrigerator!

Embrace The Spectrum of ‘Perfect’ - contrary to popular belief, ‘perfect’ does not have a specific criteria. You don’t have to look or act a certain way to attain ideality. Embrace those things about yourself that stand out and don’t adhere to unrealistic expectations of society. They’re beautiful!

Honor Your Strengths - instead of focusing on your mistakes, try your best to acknowledge what is great about you and all the goals you have accomplished. Provide yourself with a constant reminder of your good qualities.

Fake It Till You Make It - if you’re having a hard time accepting your significance, act like you do! If you keep practicing self love and self compassion, you’ll always be that one step closer to completely accepting yourself for who you are!

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