5 Ways To Make Your Wedding Dress Unique

How To Choose Your Dream Wedding Dress!

5 Ways To Make Your Wedding Dress Unique

Every bride dreams of having the perfect wedding with the perfect guy in the perfect dress. Every bride also wants her dress to be one of a kind, made specially for her on her special day. But these days, with so many changing trends and styles, it can be hard to find that perfect dress for you and make it totally unique. Well, no need to worry because we have 5 tips that’ll help your dress stand out and make you the center of attention - as you should be!

Personalise Your Dress

This seems like an obvious one but it’s the most overlooked way to make your wedding dress uniquely yours. The easiest way to make a dress unique to you is by adding design elements that speak to your personality, your roots and your relationship. Speak to your designer and add motifs that touch on both your roots or maybe add some special embroidery that’s an inside joke between you and your husband - keeping it all tasteful of course. Really make your dress yours!

Opt For Some Unique Colours

The colour of your dress is one of the first things you need to decide and it’s one of the most important. If you want to stick with traditional reds and golds, that’s totally fine. But if you want to change things up a bit, choosing a unique colour is the first step. What about a dark, bottle green or a deep slate grey. If you want to go on the lighter side, pastels will be a surefire hit. In today’s world the whole rainbow is yours to choose from!

Unique Color Bridal Dress

Try A Pantsuit

A lot of you might find this extreme but hear us out! With the fusion of Eastern and Western wear, this seems to be right on trend. And one thing is for sure, you’ll definitely be the talk of the town! A pantsuit has the ability to make one feel empowered and like a boss - so why shouldn’t you feel that way at your wedding? Add a heavy dupatta and jewellery to really tie the look together. Trust us, nothing gets more unique than this!


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Keep It Minimalist In A Saree

With all the intimate weddings going on these days, we think a saree could be a perfect fit for a bride! A saree instantly makes you look and feel elegant, something you definitely want on your wedding day. To stay true to tradition, you can opt for a deep red or pink saree with an embellished pallu and a big teeqa. This look is simple but stunning!

Go For Prints

We know wedding dresses are all about that heavy kaam. But if you don’t want to carry all that weight on you, an easy alternative is to go for a printed dress. Florals are all the rage these days and truly stand out on a bride. They also add a delicate and whimsical vibe to your look which is breathtaking! Opt for an ivory or beige base with motifs in pastel shades of pinks and purple for that fairytale look.

Bridal Dress Prints

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