50 Crore’s Teaser Turns Out To Be The Smartest Promotional Campaign Of 2020!

The Audience Was Purposely Fooled Into Believing The Film 50 Crore Was A Close Intimation Of Money Heist!

50 Crore’s Teaser Turns Out To Be The Smartest Promotional Campaign Of 2020!
50 Crore

The team of 50 crore, recently released a teaser, which was received with mixed emotions from the audience. Some called it inspiration, while others thought the movie to be a blatant copy of the widely popular Spanish series Money Heist.

Money Heist 50 Crore

The teaser looked like a money heist rip off with the entire cast of the film holding name plates of cities in Pakistan, for example Lala Musa, Rahim Yar Khan, Dadu, MirpurKhas, and Faisal Qureshi as Chief standing in an investigation cell, just like the promotional content from Money Heist, where its character earned popularity with city names like Tokyo, Oslo, Rio, Nairobi etc, with their leader known as professor.


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The internet completely blew up with comments about the film not being original and hate flew in from all corners but here’s the catch, this might be one of the best promotional campaigns of the year 2020 as it’s actually an advert for an online shopping portal, Daraz. 


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The 50 crore team got together with Daraz to curate this advertising campaign. They purposely kept the artwork of the posters and the visuals of the teaser similar to Money Heist’s promotional content, the idea behind it? 
Stay away from copies and buy/consume original”.

50 Crore

No one could have thought of this when the first teaser came out, people were furious and calling this a Pakistani Money Heist but now it’s clear that this is promotional content for Daraz, for a huge upcoming sale in November called Daraz Gyara Gyara.

50 Crore

The creative minds behind this campaign actually accomplished to make the audience think and perceive the content in the exact way they had planned it.

Actors are now posting about the sale’s promotion on their social media accounts, which includes the entire cast from the teaser of 50 crore including Faisal Qureshi, Asad Siddiqui, Anoushay Abbasi, Aijaz Aslam, Mehmood Aslam, Saboor Aly, Faryal Mehmood ,Zhalay Sarhadi, Naveed Raza , Noman Habib and Omer Shahzad.


Daraz TVC

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