6 Simple Hairstyles For Those Office Zoom Meetings During Lockdown

All because you are home, does not mean you should not be styling your hair

6 Simple Hairstyles For Those Office Zoom Meetings During Lockdown
Hairstyles For Office Zoom Meetings During Lockdown

We have all been stuck at home, owing to the outbreak of the coronavirus pandemic. Not only do we have to be home and do all our house chores in the absence of any domestic help, we also have to work from home.

And juggling house and work life together at our homes, often makes us want to put little effort into dressing up for those office Zoom meetings. After all, why bother changing out of our comfortable PJs and putting an effort in styling our hair, if we have to attend meetings from the comfort of our bedrooms. Right?

Well, not really!

Putting an effort to make your hair not only makes you look presentable but also makes you feel better. Every time you see yourself in the screen during those video meetings, you are less likely to be conscious about how you look, if your hair are neatly put together.

Let us not forget a neat hairstyle can even make your PJs and Tee look presentable. So, here are six simple hairdo you can style in less than five minutes for those Zoom meetings.

1. The Half-Up Top Knot

You do not even have to do much. Just brush your hair, divide them into half and tie a top knot on the upper half and let the rest fall as they are.

2. The Messy Bun

This is our personal favorite because we do not even have to brush our hair for this one. Just a take pony and tie a messy bun. You can either wear a low bun or a high, the choice is yours.

3. The Headband Fix

Follow these simple steps and you are good to go – Brush, tie a high ponytail and put on the band.

4. The Low Ponytail

If a high ponytail is likely to give you a headache and seems like added effort by ensuring all the hair have been held together in place, then go with a low pony tail.

Wear the middle parting and tie the hair together.

5. The Statement Accessory

Let your hair loose and just add a statement clip on the side. Yes, that is all it is going to take to make all your office colleagues think you are Acing the work from home life.

6. The Front Puff

All you need for this one are two bobby pins to hold the front puff together.