6 Things About Hamza Ali Abbasi That Will Surprise You!

There Is More To The King Of Comebacks Hamza Ali Abbasi Than Meets The Eye!

6 Things About Hamza Ali Abbasi That Will Surprise You!
Hamza Ali Abbasi

You may have seen him act in prominent TV dramas like Pyaray Afzal or Alif, he has been part of blockbusters Waar and Jawani Phir Nahi Ani and has even hosted Ramadan transmissions, but there is more to Hamza Ali Abbasi than meets the eye. Before he quits the entertainment industry again for the umpteenth time, let’s takes a trip down the memory lane to bring back Hamza Ali Abbasi as we knew him. Don’t be surprised if you didn’t know many of the facts that we are revealing here.

Hamza Ali Abbasi Left The Civil Service To Become An Actor!

Born to an Army officer and a politician mother, Hamza Ali Abbasi ventured into acting after clearing his CSS exams and became a Civil Service Officer However, before even taking charge of his position as a Police Officer, he quit everything to concentrate on his career in the entertainment industry. He recently disclosed in an interview that when he was appointed in the police group, PML-N's Rana Sana Ullah was the Law Minister in the Punjab province, and he would have been thrown out for his refusal to salute people like him. If that's the truth, we are glad that Hamza decided to quit rather than being thrown out for disobedience! 

Hamza Ali Abbasi Once Danced His Heart Out In A Lassi Commercial!

You may not associate dance with Hamza Ali Abbasi but that’s what he did when he appeared in his first TV commercial way back in 2012. At that time, he neither sported a beard nor was he as religious as he became in the latter part of his career. The raw, young, and energetic Hamza Ali Abbasi danced his heart out in this Lassi commercial and although it didn’t do any good to the brand, it helped Hamza Ali Abbasi bag a role in his first drama Meray Dard Ko Zuban Miley that aired a few days later.

Hamza Ali Abbasi Was Initially Not Part Of Waar, His Film Debut!

Before he became a film and TV actor, or even cleared his CSS, Hamza Ali Abbasi started his acting career nearly fifteen years back and was part of many hit plays such as Bombay Dreams, Phantom of the Opera, and Moulin Rouge. However, it was Waar (2013) that brought him into the limelight as an action star; he shared the screen with Shaan Shahid and Ayesha Khan and the film's opening scene featured him in a Hollywood-styled action sequence where he battles terrorists, and wins. His patriotic speech in the movie still gives goosebumps to those who love their country and want it to be free of terrorism. Would it surprise you if you were told that he was not even part of the film when it was bring written? Yes, Hamza Ali Abbasi was supposed to assist director Bilal Lashari who later offered him an important role in the movie.

Hamza Ali Abbasi Played Pathan Pacer In Main Hoon Shahid Afridi

In his second film Main Hoon Shahid Afridi, Hamza Ali Abbasi played a fast bowler named Majeed, who was Pathan by birth and fiery by nature. Although the film’s cast included Humayun Saeed, Jawed Sheikh, Mahnoor Baloch, Shehzad Sheikh, Gohar Rasheed and Noman Habib, it was Hamza Ali Abbasi who managed to grab the audience’s attention with his moulvi look, who hated kaafirs in the side until a tragedy united the team. Watch his final over of the match in the link below where he doesn’t appeal for leg before wicket because he wanted to ‘hurt’ the batsman, even if it meant giving the opponents a free hit!

Hamza Ali Abbasi Was Not The Original Choice For The Title Role In Pyaray Afzal

Writer Khalil ur Rehman Qamar wrote the role of Pyaray Afzal for Humayun Saeed who convinced the writer that he was too old for the role. He went onto produce the drama thought and recommended his protégé Hamza Ali Abbasi for the character who grabbed the opportunity, and performed so well that people literally cried when he died in the last episode. Hamza Ali Abbasi not only got to act with Firdous Jamal, Saba Faisal, Ayeza Khan, Sana Javed, and Sohai Ali Abro but played his cards so well that he went onto establish himself as a leading man through the play.

Hamza Ali Abbasi Was Part Of Burka Avenger As Well!

And if you didn’t know, Hamza Ali Abbasi was part of the animated series Burka Avengers as a Voice Over artist. It was his voice that breathed life in the characters of Baba Bandook and Vadero Pajero and became very popular all over the world, since Burka Avengers was the first-ever animated series produced in Pakistan. This helped him in many ways as after nearly seven years, that fan base is still loyal to their favorite actor and want him to work more so that he can continue to entertain them for many years to come.

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